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Maybe we'll even see him in AAA Lehigh valley. At some point. You see what I'm getting there, the connection, right? It's just I well, I want to be careful on that when you're trying to make the forgotten man. Comparison, and I think from that aspect it's completely fair. But but he's not Santa like Santana had numbers beforehand. Mike sirocco also pitches today at San Francisco. He's really good. Chris, Patrick, I wanna see what he does. I mean against our zone last outing was lessening the routing was it something else. I don't remember. Yeah, it was because they threw in the extra pitcher and Cal Quantrill. Right. Who pitched on Sunday, Nick Marge Simpson got sent in a minor to AA like there's a big difference between rookie hitters come up and rookie pitchers come up, obviously paddock's, monster. He's the lad of pitchers, but Marge Davis dishes came up and was great for three or four outings, and then he was bad and got the motive the AA. Can't even do the voice, my voice is starting to go that was, by the way that was your first signal from that team about the innings cap situation was not done based on performance. They were doing it more based on a preplanned innings maintenance or I think it was for mortgage Vicks, because because he was just dad recently that, that, probably advanced their plans. But they did say, you know, to the at least the beat reporters were reporting this, that it was based also around the innings maintenance Tuesday's double header on ESPN Zach eflin and Jose king Tana cubs Phillies again and the night late night game Julio Theron who a friend of ours, keeps texting me that he should have been more on Toronto labor Theron, fine. He's not special not a top fifty starter. I don't think but useful in a deeper league or, and only two or Ariana. I think it's Theron. Ariana doesn't get any strikeouts. Right. Toronto's getting case. I mean is you'll lo and behold, he's got more case than he does innings now. It's by one third. Of an inning. But still that's unusual for him that Grank apparently not as injured as anyone thought is pitching against San Diego, which should be a good outing. Somebody offer in one of my leagues. And I just can't remember which one to get Brady Wednesday, lots of day ball actions. Please get your lineups in early that day pitchers of interest. That's not that guy pitching because he's on the injured list. Yep. Frankie montage looks really good. Can you make the case to rank him and your top forty started yet or not yet? I can't. That's another innings cap guy, by the way, I'll be doing a recap one of the columnists week should come to Morrow on month us on the innings inning. Oh that's this week paddock of panic. And everybody's waiting that including a high up off is in the battle, the Coles coal urban and cla. So we've never faced hamels and I don't think and someone you have to Ross, or not allow strikeouts, probably sticking around for one bad adding, and they go back to Pavetti but it's something to watch more teen Peres at the Angel Martinez is legit ESPN, plus max freed at San Francisco. That should be a good outing. Good anyway. The San Fran like Miami is the automatic from the matchup standpoint, especially when the game is in San Francisco because the park factor. I agree with everything, and there and the giant, you know, the only giant right now, who has a war of one or above the only giant with a war of not Posey. Enters its Pablo Sandoval. He's been yeah. He's been getting it done. He's a reserve and hit the game winning Homer yesterday. And he's the only giants player with a b were of better than point seven. That's kind of sad. Yeah. Anyway, you want to be happy, again here, the hash Browns coming up after this. Listen up fellas DA cells built for big and tall guys..

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