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That's how I got the word that he was calling me out. So of like, you know, what I I'll take anything in. And I'm not gonna this is this is not a fight that I'm gonna take lightly. He does have some very good striking. He's got a knock. How real so? But you know, I welcome to open arms to one seventy. So here's what I was thinking about tell me if I'm wrong. What I thought was it's obvious. What he gets feed beats you. He beats top-five guy in the division of referring four last it jumps him right to the front of the queue. Plus he'd have a win a third way class all that stuff. So that part I get for you though. Do you mentioned he does have a name, and he is coming up to one seventy you are a natural one hundred seventy founder, you are taller you fit into this the body type that works well in that weight class much more effortlessly, so for you. It's a more manageable fight true or false. I would say true. I would say true. I mean. Yeah, he is coming up into my way. He doesn't have to cut the way, you know, I guess that could be a positive maybe. But you know, I'm not a big welterweight. I'm not amass wealth way like tiring. I don't have to cut a crazy amount of weight, you know, fifteen pounds team pounds. But you know, you hear guys cutting twenty five hundred pounds before fight. And so I'm I'm not strain the next day. You've never seen me step out there after we cut and just except for once when I found that Brown, I was walking around to fifteen so, but you know, I'm not a big welts way. So it's going to be easy. You said that other Walter weights were saying no to opportunities with you. Well, you know, I tried to get the laws pushing law. They're really hard. You know, I was pushing it UFC was saying that it may or may not happen while it was saying it was going to happen. And then I was in New York, hoping Chris widened get, you know, pray for his fighting in South Korea Soza, and then they announced that he was finding asking something. All right. So I tried to fight already. He said he was having surgery you on Edwards. He said, it's I- adequate was acting up and then punch Navio. He just said, no, you know, so. It just wasn't working out for me. So I was just willing to take anything to be honest with you. So for you. It's more important to stay busy than it is to wait for the right opportunity. Yeah. It keeps you in the long like you go you see you see this fighters all the time. If you're not if you're not saying that, you know, you kind of you kind of put on the shelf a little bit. And you know, I I'm still going for that title. I'm not giving up on it. And I think with with some wins a matter who it is going to keep me where on that. Or hopefully, we'll put that in the you put me with a good win over Pettus in the US's mind, take let's push push guy up a little bit. Let's get them a fight with us with another top five guy. You know, there's a lot of guys right now who are like to five what they have coming up. But so it just wasn't working out for me in the one seventy, you know, the past few months, so keeping my things cost and next thing. You know, you know, Anthony PETA is calling me out. So I was like sure out was to it. And I think he thinks he's got my number. You know, all the time and twice. He's got. He's got the same coach coach from his and Rufus thinks she's got my number. So i'm. I'm here to prove them wrong. So you you believe that that Rufus thinks he has your number. No, no. He says that. Yeah. He comes from a karate background, you know, Anthony pedestals from taekwondo background. But you know, I don't you know, parents at different fighter instill. He didn't have an answer for me..

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