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Through Rosser also overthrew Ferris, Wilmer and mid Lothian. Some of the heaviest rain right now there is still some light to moderate rain covering the southern half of Dallas County and then up through Garland and wily. Also Denton County, including Louis. Fill the colony. Little L'm all seeing some light to moderate rain as well will taper off throughout the day. Few showers tonight. Loaf around 78 right now 76 at 12 41. Right now, I'm John Little Live in the Mercedes Benz of Plano News Center, stay connected decay around the and get breaking news alerts on your phone download the radio dot com Happened. Tap on the heart to favorite K R L D. An explosion has been reported in southern Martin County in West Texas. We're just starting to get information on this the exact location Of the explosion not yet confirmed, but some reports say smoke clouds could be seen as far away as Midland. That's about 20 miles away from southern Martin County, so we'll keep you updated. Member how controversial the closing of Harris Lines and barbershops were at the onset of the pandemic. We're joined by Deborah Peds. Now she owns sell 12 Supercuts locations across North Texas. I wanted to get an update on how things were going. We did increase our sanitation requirements. No hair solace and our hair salons have always been operated, and hair cells have to follow. Strict, clueless guidelines. But of course it's covert. After reopening. There's even more things in place that we have to dio and that we, of course want to do to keep our guests say. For example, be walked on two chairs in the stations. After every guest visit, they get a fresh cape. Every customer gets a fresh cape, and then we're just continually cleaning. Everything walking down door handles the floor on the tools. What do you think? The biggest adjustment has been for your stylists here? What's what's been toughest on them? Well, the big thing styles have had their just two is wearing the mask. At first. I think it was a little tough on I'm wearing a mask all day after You know that normally work trained to do so, But they've adapted Really well, now do all clients have to wear masks while they're getting their hair cut as well. Yes, we have. And we did that. In the beginning. It wasn't a state requirement only first open, as you know, one can't social distance and get a haircut. Because there's no way we can cut their hair from six feet away. So the customers wearing a mask and our styles wearing a mask really helped prevent the co bid. If if someone does happen, tohave it have you found that businesses close to back to normal, Or has it been a little bit slow in in people coming back out? Yeah, At first, there was a lot of pent up demand. So we were extremely busy, but it has slowed down tremendously, just hoping that it's a love before people get their next haircut. Which, of course, we recommend people short here get their haircut of reporter six weeks long hair every 6 to 8 weeks. That's Debra Pez Nell, owner of 12 Supercuts across North Texas. Appreciate her checking in with us on the state of the industry here in the area coming up on K R l D your traffic and weather together on the eights, the latest on all the problems along 35 E. Hey, What do you want to got It all? I don't know what else we should know. Well, what have we done yesterday? Yesterday, although don't seem like the same doll these dawn like, said Amanda, who's all dies. Stop to call my mom on her birthday. These days. Nothing is normal and everything is weird. But you could still save big when you switch to progressive. That won't change not to die or any dumb closure. Progressive dot com Professor Casualty in terms of villians Did you know.

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