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They are New York's Ground zero, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The Al Qaeda terror attacks killed nearly 3000 people that day. Guidance itinerary is similar to former President Obama's back in 2011. Now over the past 20 years, A several events have led to a lot of emotional trauma here in the D. C. Metro region first, of course, 9 11 than the 2000 and two Beltway sniper rampage. Finally, the pandemic. We continue our coverage September 11th 20 years later in terms of our society, recognizing the need for mental health treatment, Dr Lauren Grauer is a kind of permanent a psychiatrist. Those are some consequences. I think some some good consequences that have come from some painful experiences. La Grauer believes big traumatic events such as 9 11 and the pandemic led to advocacy and evolving perceptions, she says. There's still far to go. There's still unfortunately is a lot of pervasive stigma. Around mental health and mental health treatment. Kristi King w T O P News the slain mother of a U. S Naval Academy midshipman was remembered Saturday at the first home football game of the season during the tailgate, a group of Naval Academy Mom's honored Michelle Cummings, the 57 year old mother and wife was killed by a stray bullet back in June as she sat on the patio of a hotel in Annapolis. She and her husband were in town for their son Leonard's induction ceremony. Our news partners at NBC, four were there as her husband, Leonard, coming, spoke to the crowd through tears. This is.

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