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In the the fbi qualifies him as a narcos terrorist as well. I believe it exactly. Yes so he is identified as being this prime. You know member of this group but he has no convictions. As in nobody has ever making made anything. Stick yet to can han- Spoiler alert for me And i think it will be apparent later in the segment Are we going to get to why that's not happening. Or why he's walking around peachy king why we'll talk to me about it. Talk to him was wait till the till the we need to learn more. I think i well. There's more stuff to this and it's huge in. It's like i'm breaking apart. The timeline already in by telling this tube. Sorry terrible storytelling going on over here. But there was there was a shootout that are are emailer mentioned there dare or there are several deaths that started with With the event that was described there. And that's really how the world or at least the bbc came to know. Dan can eoghan and they're seeing in ireland in february of two thousand sixteen. That's when the gunman that attacked away in at a boxing match and it resulted in the murder of somebody who was a leader. I suppose in the hand crime cartel at least. That's the way there it was reported. And it's thought that perhaps daniel can hand was was the intended target of those gunmen but they instead killed somebody also high up in the organization. Just not not the target is this feud yeah this is the key hutcherson feud and there's a longtime line there of like a murder that takes place in spain and then from there there's a cascade of retaliation murders with between the two families with the crime families and there's even footage you may have seen this. There's some pretty grisly footage of this occurrence that you can find online and there's a bbc panorama documentary that includes portions of that footage You can find it online at a couple of places in the us. It's kinda difficult to track down and to be able to watch but you can find portions of it on youtube if you search. Panorama bbc boxing. And maybe daniel canan you can find you can find it or you know watch it. Watch it in a legitimate way if you can't if you wanna pay for it and support the the broadcaster it's just it's difficult to do and it doesn't support canan if that's what you're worried about a no no no no no no. We're not even weed eating to get to the heart of the stuff the concept that this guy who is allegedly making all of this money through this crime syndicate selling drugs selling guns doing all kinds of other things like that is then profiting off of these boxing matches that are you know on pay per view their their broadcast the world over they make millions and millions and millions of dollars and potentially can launder all of that money easily through betting right. That's one of the great things about about sports and bedding. You can launder crap loads of money through that stuff Just that the these are boxing matches that end up. Being title fights for organizations that are not necessarily connected with work with organized crime in any way. So it's like selling the image of the sports selling the image of those organizations and in this case actually getting people killed because of this. This gang war. I think the most remarkable thing too about the story on the bbc that not the most remarkable. I'm being i'm being silly. But there's an amazing picture of this guy. Tyson fury And he's wearing like this really like crazy. Print jacket was eight balls on it or billiard balls or no. it's like actually images of like boxers printed on the jacket. He's wearing no shirt underneath and a titus around his bare neck. It's an absolute talking about tyson fury tyson. Fury is amazing. Dude got thing to behold. He's he's hailed. I and i don't even wanna use the term but as like The traveler king may or something like. That's how you say it now. The bbc panorama. I think referred to him as the gypsy king. I don't know but he's he's like he's pretty awesome. You can see some well. In my opinion he's a very interesting character. Let's put it that way. Because he really kinda just jumped on the scene and then he went into some hard times. You've got us. Some hard rough places came back and he. He seems to be pretty inspiring just in that he just goes for it. Under brad. pitt's character was based on him. A mickey o'neil from snatch is like a known cinematic adaptation of tyson fury. Okay makes perfect. He's like how that's actually how i learned about. Tyson fury No ding brad. Pitt's acting but i thought this had to come from some weight that display remind. Is that true. Yeah oh gosh. Because i you know. I didn't learn about him until he was kind of working his way up to that titlefighting the late teens twenty. Well that's the that's the rumor. At least i haven't talked with brad tyson about those. The maybe maybe we can get together and see but yeah. That's that's the concept you know. And of course there are people who would say they object to that characterization of the perpetuation of a stereotype and so on but the But from what i understand. Yeah make you kneel. And snatches is based on tyson fury or inspired by and there's a little bit of I don't know if the timeline works out. But there isn't who who directed snatch again guys guy ritchie guy ritchie. He's a boxing fan as well so he would have been aware it. Absolutely and like born and bred british subject. Good point so this would also is weird here. I have watched the panorama documentary yet matt. But what's weird to me here. Is that guests. A ton of money moves through boxing longtime listeners. You know we didn't agree with brian. Toohey on absolutely everything that he claims regarding sports and corruption. I but boxing a hot historically at least a hotbed of corruption. And normally of promising. Way to launder dirty money if you happen to be running a criminal organization that makes north of one billion dollars in terms of net worth this. This'll get you a lot closer to having that money cleaned than say a car wash or even selling you know arguably selling Even the high end art trade. Oh yeah for where. I think we're forgetting about laser tag about laser tech before we move onto the next thing. I just want to put a couple sources in your minds so if you wanna read more you can. There is a double in live dot e article. Here it's titled daniel. Cahan is a dangerous man who brings terror to boxing. World says berry mick. Gannon mc mc mckinnon m. c. g. u. i. g. a. n. Michigan hello sorry. He's he's a famous person who i should know how to pronounce her name. But you can look that up on dublin live. It's got some great reporting on this and also if you go to talk sport dot com. You can read an entire rebuttal. Essentially from daniel. Kim hand himself where he takes all of these allegations that have been hitting him for about fifteen years or you know for. The allegations have been hitting for a long time. He talks about his long connection to the sport of boxing. It's really interesting to see it to see a pr statement like this put forward by someone that is allegedly this big crime boss. Because it if you're just reading it it doesn't feel like it's a crime boss and it just makes you while the pr teams really good. This guy's brilliant or something is going on here..

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