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Colorado have exceeded a hotter caissons a cases. And they aren't yet over. This includes the sterling correctional facility with four hundred fifty eight cases in two deaths. J B S The meat packing plant plant in Greeley. Three hundred sixteen cases six deaths. I'm not so sure that's accurate because I had come across information earlier that there was indeed a seventh death as a result of cove nineteen related complications with an employee at GPS Cherry Creek Nursing Center Aurora one hundred and thirty nine cases thirty two deaths Orchard Park Healthcare Centres Centennial. One hundred and twenty-nine cases five deaths Cherry Creek Nursing Center also had the most of any outbreak in st other outbreaks with the highest death. Tolls were also in nursing facilities this week. The Colorado Department of Public Health and environment declared fourteen outbreaks resolved meaning. There's no longer evidence of covert nineteenth. Spread that setting. The resolved outbreaks include a bridge tournament in El Paso County Housing for employees of Copper Mountain Mountain and twelve senior living facilities which have been so hard hit by the spread of this novel Corona buyers. I was listening to Senator Pat. Toomey talking about the fact that in Pennsylvania sixty nine percent of the covert at nineteen related deaths have occurred in those Long Term.

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