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This is back that. What's up back to backers. This is Willie joy. Welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How is everybody out there this week? I hope you had a good one. I hope your week is starting off. Right? I've been running around like crazy. These last couple of weeks. There is just a lot going on man, but it's all good happy to be busy and speaking of busy, my guest on the show. Today's one of the hardest working groups out there. Chrome yo is on the show today. They've got a brand new album out right now called head over heels, and they're on a world tour right now. They're just going crazy. So make sure to follow them all the links to their dates, the new music. Everything is going to be in the description of this episode. This one came together kind of last minute. I was so stoked at worked out. I'm going to tell you all about it in just a second before I do. Let's take care of. Business off the top. The first thing that I want to say that I've been seeing so much love for this show recently and I wanna thank everybody out there who's helping to spread the word and whether you're a first time listener this week or a longtime supporter. I just want to let you know the best way you can support this show the best way you can help us grow is just by word of mouth. Tele friend, if you know somebody who loves music as much as you do somebody who really enjoy this show, just let them know or you could send a tweet or you could put up a post somewhere re tweet us. We don't spend money on advertising here. This is a community based show. I love doing it and it's so great to see the support coming back. Don't forget to subscribe to the show as well that way each week when I post a new episode, it's just gonna get delivered straight year device. However, wherever you listen, no fuss, no muss. You don't have to check it. It's just going to show up hanging out with me on a Tuesday morning or you know, whatever. You're listening to this at the gym in your car. You know, spend a romantic evening with me in the bath after a long day light, some candles. You know, everybody enjoys podcast differently. No judgment in return. Another fun thing I do around this show is the back to bangers Spotify playlist. That's a playlist that I update every single week with brand new music for myself from the guests we have on the show and with a lot of the music that we talk about each week in these interviews. So if you hear us mentioned a song and you've never heard it or it's something you kinda remember, but you wanna hear again, all you have to do is go check out the back to bangers playlist on Spotify. The link to that is going to be in the description of this episode. People really seem to dig it. I love putting it together. Definitely go check it out. I've also been talking to a ton of you guys lately. You know, you can always hit me up at back to back pod g mail dot com. That's the Email address or you can hit me on social media at Willie joy. Oy or at back to back pied. I love to meet listeners of this show love to throw ideas back and forth. You can hit me up with questions, comments, concerns, let me know who you'd like to hear on the show. Let's chat, let's party. Let's have a good time. So for this conversation with chrome? No, I ran into Dave one out in New York at the wedding of our good friend. Nick catch dubs so good to see him a lot of old faces. It was great to see everybody shout out to Nick and Karen on the wedding man. That was amazing, and it was just great to see Dave. He and I don't see a lot of each other. We're not super close friends, but I've always enjoyed running into him. We always have a good time. Super. Last minute we set up this podcast on the other side of the country out at their studio in sunny Burbank, California. This was there one off day in months and months of touring. Their new album head over heels is out right now. They've been. Crazy, busy pounding the pavement running all over the world touring their asses off..

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