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But right now, we're joined by very special guest, and that is the Lieutenant governor of the state of Florida, Jeanette, Nunez and. Well, it can I call you. Let's see Lieutenant governor Nunez. Try to get that right here in a minute. But says to be a pretty exciting time for you to head to Tallahassee is the Lieutenant governor. Well, good morning, and yes, it is. It's an exciting time. We've had a quite a week. We are now at the one week, Mark. And I would say that it's been extraordinarily busy and extraordinarily productive. And we're just really excited about the opportunity to lead Florida in the right direction. And as you and governor the Santa's now take over the reins there. What do you see is the biggest challenge? One of the first things that you guys are going to go after. Well, I think if you look at our first few days in office governor to Santa's on the very first day right after the inauguration named his first supreme court Justice. And that was someone from the Miami area. The first Cuban American woman to be named to our state supreme court. She's an exceptional jury someone that's well regarded throughout the judicial circles on the day after that he ruled out his environmental policy his executive order. He's been very busy on the environment. And I think that is going to be one of the biggest challenges is really addressing that in a comprehensive manner. His executive order lays out a number of important initiatives, including hiring chief science officer or someone that's going to oversee all of the important decision. Making from a science based approach. He also has reconstituted taskforce both on the blue-green algae making sure where dressing that and red tide. He has asked the legislature. He's gonna. Putting in a budget request for two point five billion dollars to really start to make inroads and expedite some of these projects that have been languishing for far too long. And he's going to be really active dealing with the federal government on this on this issue because that's something that the federal government has a tremendous amount of responsibility to to assist us with those projects. And so I think the environment is going to be one of his biggest priorities, and I think you can see that based on the level of attention. He's given to it. Some people talk and new administrations about the first one hundred days, we jokingly refer to it as the first one hundred hours. Well, that sounds good. I do want to ask you about something we've worked with a bunch of boneheaded legislators around here can't get anything done. And we've been trying to you know, the what the state bird of Florida is don't you the northern Mockingbird which is about as ridiculous with all the beautiful seabirds. We have around here. And we've been trying to get somebody to bring it up in and get a Bill passed that would allow us to change the sea bird. Change the state bird from the northern Mockingbird to one of our great seabirds. And the way we would do it is have school kids vote on which seabird. They would want to have it would be a legacy for them. It would be an exercise in voting for them. And it would make all the sense in the world. And we can't seem to get anything done through the legislature any chance you could get anything done on that. Well, that certainly sounds like a legislative proposal. But how how about how about I go back, and and speak to to our staff and see what the what the challenges are. And how did that? What's the best way to get that done? But it sounds like a great opportunity to engage our our school children and civic. So I think that we could we could talk to our legislative partners and see what what can be done. I love it. Let's keep in touch on it. Okay. Absolutely again. Congratulations on your winning and being a major figure the number two person in the whole state. Of Florida right now. And and again, we'll be talking to you again soon. Look forward to it. Thank you so much have a great day. AM Tampa Bay. Weekday mornings from five to nine on News Radio. LA Kevin car. The fat guys at the movies guy is on board here. And I don't think you got any comedies this morning. Have you know, I don't unfortunately, there is really only just one movie that's new this weekend. And that is glass, that's a film by m night. Shamlan who of course, we remember him from doing the sixth sense and unbreakable and he had a little bit of a dip in his career. But now he's back. He did split a couple of years ago about a guy with multiple personalities, and this movie is a sequel to both split and unbreakable which like I said it was about twenty years ago. I this is a story about three different people who are in a mental institution because they believe that they have superpowers you've got Bruce Willis who believes he's super strong and on on unbreakable so to speak. You've got Jackson who thinks he's started this mastermind villain. And then James McEvoy who has a split personality. But thinks he turns into a type of beef. And it's the story of the three of them in the hospital, and how somebody's trying to examine all three of them. And if they can eventually escape or break out, and what will happen when these three possible superheroes come together. Replicas is the next movie Kiana Reeves stars in it? There is a rumor that has gone around this building that Kiana Reeves does not wear deodorant, not even close or you know, who's here. One more Jeff zero. I'm sure and the stink was unbelievable. How did the movie stink like Yano? I guess the movie did stink replicas actually came out last week. But I finally got a chance to go see it because they didn't screen it. I haven't the story about a guy who's a scientist and his family gets killed in a car crash, and he decides to put their brains are their minds into new bodies clone. Owns new body. So he can live with them again. I it's a neat idea. But it is just so poorly executed is so out there not not well well fought through I love movies about guys who are in the lab trying to better humanity. And then, you know, something going horribly awry, I just kind of like a sub genre of science fiction. I enjoy this one has that flavor to it. It's just very it's not very smartly done. And yeah, there's a reason it's not doing terribly. Well, I like. Keanu Reeves in movies are some of cinnamon. But you should I mean, it was unbelievable. You walk down the hall. And well, if you met him, you're standing fairly close shaken hands you thought what the hell is that? But then after we knew it we were all talking about it after he left but walked by him in the hall, and is like you still knock you over. Kevin. Did you say you've heard that rumor before I I have heard that about about the honorees? Yeah. Well, do something we should have given him a shower. Anyway. Kevin will check.

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