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Sandra AH welcome to the show this so wait a minute your voice sounds familiar. Voice can have that effect lacks Sandra. The way you feel is completing natural. There's nothing to be ashamed of your. Oh my God. You'RE YOU'RE DR. Marcia feels into the radio psychologist from the nor- EPHRON MOM COM sleepless in Seattle. You're the one who talked to Tom. Hanks no names that standard psychiatric policy. But actually no. You're you're actually my friend. Caroline Aaron the iconic actress who played aide. Dr Marcia fieldstone was so many other roles and Edward Scissorhands all those woody Allen Movies you happen to be in. La this month for the Golden Globes. Because you're currently starring in the marvelous. Mrs May Zell so because we worked together in theater for very little money. I've been trying to draft you for free in between all your glamorous awards parties to appear on my new little podcast. Let's focus on us. Sandra Alright for these few minutes anyway. My fictional radio show in the middle of your your podcast show so just a few questions. Are you sleeping at night. No Dr Marsha. I'm not not sleeping. I never sleep. I worry I worry about myself. My family my money my world case. You're just joining us. I'm Dr Marcia fieldstone the town of the Dr Marcia fieldstone our on network America. We're talking to sleep in Los Angeles. What's wrong Sandra Cha? You seem to be under a particular cloud. Oh Dr Marcia. Is this winter. The holidays into the New Year January January January can be very difficult for many of our listeners. It's a transitional time indeed said that the saddest of the year is the third Monday of January. Blue Monday really blue Monday. It's based on on scientific formula. It calculates time lapse since Christmas arrival of the first credit card deals the seemingly unbridgeable distance to the next holiday and of course the first failings of those years better solutions with diets. It's ridiculous I tried the zone Diet Dr Marcia the Atkins Diet thing many many many Americans are on that treadmill. It's Diet Industry The pointy draw You have to love yourself for you. Look at Julius Mimi. The wonderful comedian formerly a Saturday. Night live who also lives in Los Angeles. She just turned sixty exte- last October. And you gifts. She gave herself for her sixtieth to never go on a diet again. That's great shooter Sweeney. He is a very evolved person. Perhaps you should visit her. Well folks it's time to wrap it up and you all my listeners. I hope you'll call again again soon. Let us know how it's going. This has been Dr Marcia fieldstone with the Dr Marcia fieldstone. Our Broadcasting Live across America program has been made possible in part by Glenview arthroscopic knee surgery. It's the kinder gentler. Me anthropic surgery on unions also made possible by sauce surroundings for the season woman explore. Rj Pajama of principle copy Muslim. It's far to the south..

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