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You're listening to cute, cute, cute with Tom power when Robin Wright won a Golden Globe a few years ago, she said backstage that she felt like a late bloomer. Even with our work is Claire Underwood and House of cards or his princess Buttercup in the Princess Bride. Robin Wright says she only recently found her confidence. Find out how she's using it in just a minute, then. Serious framing Britney Spears has renewed concern for Britney's health and well being and triggered a backlash against paparazzi culture. I'll talk to one of the reporters behind the Syriza Plus as fans wait for season four of stranger things to drop the Canadian thin Wolf Heart is keeping busy exploring projects outside the show, including directing his first ever short film, All that and so much more coming up. Cube. Live from NPR News. I'm Jack Spear President Donald Trump. Second impeachment trial is winding down. Senators submitted questions to both sides today. In response to a question about whether Trump knew his followers intended to storm the West Capitol House impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett pointed to the president's remarks leading up to his January 6 rally. He had every reason to know. I think we're armed. Violent. And ready to actually fight. He knew who he was calling on the violence they were capable of. But President Trump's lead defense attorney Bruce Castor, questioned the entire impeachment process. The only Logical conclusion is that the purpose of this gathering is to embarrass the 45th, president of the United States and in some way trying to create An opportunity for senators to suggest that he should not be permitted to hold office in the future. Senate reconvenes tomorrow. A vote on whether to convict or acquit Trump could come this weekend. The city see released its much anticipated school reopening guidelines today, and as NPR's Cory Turner explains, the release should bring some clarity to the reopening debate. The new guidelines are not a mandate to reopen, but clarity for school leaders struggling to figure out how to safely reopen or stay open. The guidelines break virus transmission rates down into categories low, moderate, substantial and high and then match them up with precautions that schools can take and whether it's advisable to be in person or remote or somewhere in between. The CDC makes clear that the layering of precautions like combining mask wearing with physical distancing, can make schools relatively safe, even in hard hit communities. The guidance also says vaccinating teachers is recommended. But not a prerequisite to reopening schools. Cory Turner NPR News U. S. Census Bureau has announced a six month delay in releasing the 2020 cents a stated need to redraw voting maps around the country. NPR's Hansi Lo Wang reports, the bureau says it needs more time to run quality checks. State and local governments were supposed to receive redistricting data from the 2020 cents is by the end of March. But the Census Bureau says it's now playing to deliver that information by the end of September that pandemic and last minute changes under the Trump administration up ended the bureau's original schedule. Agency says it needs more time to sort through duplicate and incomplete responses, including many about residents in college dorms. This delay puts pressure on redistricting officials facing tight deadlines to prepare for elections. Some states have been planning ahead by amending their constitutions and getting court orders to push back deadlines. On J. Lo Wang. NPR NEWS New York on Wall Street stocks end of the week on an up note, the Dow Jones industrial Average gained 27 points to close at 4 31,058. NASDAQ was up 69 points the S and P 500 rose 18 points today. You're listening to NPR. United Nations officials and human rights advocates are calling for a restoration of democratic rule in Myanmar military coup is top of the democratically elected government there. Many government leaders remain in detention. U N Human Rights Council is holding emergency session on the crisis. More from Lisa Slide in Geneva you an investigator Tom Andrews calls the military takeover of a Julie elected government and outrageous and illegal act. He says there's no truth to the military claim that the coup was necessary to safeguard the country from alleged massive voter fraud. Even if election irregularities did exist, there was and is no justification but declaring a state of emergency. Arresting the civilian leadership and attempting to destroy me and Mars fledgling democracy, Andrew says. The military junta reportedly has detained 220 government officials and members of civil society, including state Councilor Aung San Souci. He's calling for all detainees to be released for NPR News and Lisa Schlein in Geneva. The Corona virus pandemic has hit the entertainment in hospitality industry hard and that includes Las Vegas. Known for its glittery shows, gambling and all you can eat buffet phase things are a lot quieter there. At the moment, visitors to the city will find some freedoms curtailed in some venue's closed her idol like the Mirage casino, it's spectacular manmade volcanic eruptions. The locations are only open on weekends, and there are apparently plenty of deals to be had there. Crude oil futures prices made another weekly gain amid signs global tightening and supply oil of 23 cents a barrel of 59 47 a barrel..

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