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I started looking at the new person that i'm starting to hear complaints about from law enforcement and others and i won't say who and i won't tell you specifically which law enforcement but i'm sure if you take two seconds you could figure it out i'm starting to hear complaints about the new director of the division of pretrial enforcement division the person's name is jerry fox jerry fox is a lady who comes up from utah and in fact i have to tell you she used to run the adult probation and parole division down in utah and technically she resigned but let's be honest she was forced out of her position listen to this this was an article written in utah on their local fox affiliate in february of two thousand and sixteen so not that long ago it says the utah department of corrections announced thursday the director of the division of adult probation and parole has resigned along with the regional administration after several vendors who left a treatment center later committed violent crimes and press release issued thursday was announced director jerry miller fox has resigned along with wendy whore locker who was the regional administrator the move comes after several vendors who walked away from a treatment center in the last year have been involved in violent encounters with police including the fatal shooting of an officer in january the new task force it talks about what they're gonna do and how they looked at it and all that kind of stuff but my point is this is somebody who is in charge of adult pearl probation in utah was forced out just a year and a half ago almost two years ago yeah i guess it was two years ago because we're in two thousand eighteen now but now alaska's division of corrections picks her up has her set up and she's the one now in charge of the pre trial enforcement division and i'm starting to look at the announcement that are in the media and.

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