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And wildfire burn areas where thousands of residents were under evacuation orders mandatory evacuations in areas scarred by recent wildfires residents worried about mudslides horrible, mudslides, people getting caught Santa Barbara county getting hammered in Los Angeles drivers forced to take their chances on flooded streets people in near waist deep water near Hollywood more than one hundred weather related emergency quoted across the city ABC's, Marcus more reporting Virginia's governor says he will not resign and denies beneath being in a decades old racist yearbook photo governor Ralph northbound says his administration will continue. I intend to continue doing the business of Virginia. This is as he now says he is sure that he has not in one thousand nine hundred four yearbook photo showing one person in black face and another in a K, K K hood. I was appalled that they appeared on my page. But I. I believe then. And now that I am not either of the people in that photo north is facing widespread calls for him to step down, including from within his own party. Mark Remillard, ABC news. Russia pulling the plug on the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with the US after the Trump administration says it's suspending the pact which dates back to the Reagan era, the White House accused Moscow violating the accord experts are warning of a new Cold War as one of the most crucial arms race treaties. In history collapses, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has promised that Russia is developing new intermediate range weapons in response to the US. That's ABC's. Lana Zak in West Virginia charter bus carrying the martinsburg. High school girls basketball team involved in a single vehicle accident twelve students two adults were injured. The team's head coach Kyle Triggs tweeted that the team is doing fine. No life threatening injuries. They were returning.

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