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In our community or just check out what they're doing. That's eastern dot com slash community. Seven thirty seven good morning. It's Wednesday April the seventeenth runs. Saint-pierre gorgeous day Norway today, perfect spring day sunshine with a high of sixty degrees and not as windy as it was yesterday. Jack Perry in the Providence Journal says the president of stop and shop sent off a letter of apology to customers amid a strike by the company's workers. He said we're committed to resolving our labor negotiations as quickly as possible. So that our employees can return to their jobs, and we can get back to better serving you and the community. That's what the president there. Mark McGowan wrote in the letter a copy provided to the Providence Journal by stop and shop at the company also published a full page advertisement in Tuesday's pro-jo saying quote. We're trying to be fair summarizing its offer of pay increases for all the societas and healthcare with deductibles that wouldn't change among other things again a full page ad now the union took issue with that the union representing thirty one thousand striking workers responded in an Email to the Providence Journal. They said stop and shop can buy. His many ads as they want. But they can't change the facts stop and shops. Latest proposal will drastically increase out of pocket healthcare costs kick approximately a found employees spouses off of their healthcare plan and make it more challenging for thirty one thousand people to provide for themselves and their families and it closed by saying if the company's most recent offer becomes a reality. Every working family neighborhood, consumer and community will be hurt. So stop and shop the strike by its union workers entering what day number seven today and our poll question results from yesterday, the support, and empathy empathy for the striking stop and shop workers will wane as time goes by and the strike lingers. Seventy seven percent of you said, yes, you think it will? While ninety percent of you said, no today's poll question has to do with the poll result of came out saying that Americans believe that schools are less safe, and they're blaming bullying guns internet video games, more than they're blaming the schools. Are you confident your child is safe in school? And that their school would be able to respond to an active shooter. You can log onto NewsRadio r I dot com to answer that question if you want to leave a comment, please go to the Facebook page for the show, and we'll have your results. New comments coming up tomorrow. Aaa is saying hi tech headline could actually save a lot of lives, but regulators have yet to allow them in the United States has Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news driving at night. You may not be able to see things that are right in front of you, especially if you're using your low beams you wouldn't wear driving at speeds of forty miles an hour or greater were out driving our own visibility behind the wheel.

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