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We along both in pretty well. Right. We never have any real dust ups with Canada and there's immigration tensions of Mexico. But we're not like actively hostile. Them not in ways that we're tolerated two hundred years ago. I mean, you couldn't now drive down to Tijuana. Rob a few banks take a few families of people have their authorities. Chase you to the border then race past the checkpoint and just get high five by bunch of American officers to shows epic man. We're gonna have to have you pay us back for the barricade you broke through through but not the other burqa. Now's there's now. Fuck him. But hours looks like you snatch them some serious pesos. Good job, man. Could you brother you? Yes. Hey, U S. Hey, that's that's kind of a life was like back. Then right are shipping? Merchants. Could ransack the merchants of some other nations ship. And then we as a nation will be like fucking Cooman. Sweet good job. Now is that other nations? Like, hey, not cool. Give that crooks. We can try and court now bro fuck off. Oh, I see. How this I see? That's fine. I was pushed my anger down that eventually it'll boil up we'll declare war you Astles. Slavery was definitely John belongs main trade is methods and tactics were certainly technically illegal. But not only was he not chastised for his profession. He was held in high regard. As privateers often were the New Orleans banks. Look the other way even quietly supported this pirate in the trade in general for the injection of cash flow that came from it, the general public did not ostracize these slave traders, even though as we'll find out soon is technically illegal time, no have to delve into this guy's role in what many might say saved America in eighteen twelve the husband of Madame Delphine heavily involved in the battle New Orleans. The battle of New Orleans would would be a pivotal moment in American history. It was the first major battle of the war. Eighteen twelve I'm sorry. Not I final final final final. I can send people get on their keyboard? No. No. No. No, actually. Yeah. Final. We learned in the Andrew Jackson suck technically it occurred after the war was already over. Kind of the treaty that ended the war actually stipulated. The fighting would stop wants the treaty was ratified which didn't actually app until February eighteen fifteen the British were hoping that when the war ended they would own New Orleans and be able to control trade on the Mississippi blonde. His pirate friends the Lafitte brothers and Madame dolphins. Own family's home would become become some of the deciding factors in the British defeat in this war, if it'd played out differently our world might look very different today. The war eighteen twelve sometimes called the forgotten war. It's importance often underplayed misrepresented because it sandwiched between the revolutionary war and the civil war the war eighteen to kinda Korean war. Right. It sandwich, you know, in between a World War Two and Vietnam. It doesn't get the same press of the war eighteen twelve hadn't been going on been going. Well for the now at eleven Uncle Sam American suffered many defeats the White House has been burned down. Nearly all of the coastline was being blockaded. Americans were also defeated on the Great Lakes only a few ports in New England were still operational. The former British. Navy had affectively made the US an island surrounded by Her Majesty's finest all they really needed for completion of their plan. For victory was control of the Mississippi River, the Mississippi delta. London was confident that Americans would soon surrender to put an end to the fighting. The crown sent in our motto of fifty ships and eleven thousand soldiers sailors marines to capture New Orleans. The our motto was led by, sir. Edmund Parkin ham. He would go ahead to go head to head with American president j Madison's leadership choice General Andrew Jackson. He of the most controversial suck the man who lived two hundred years ago, whose very name still polarize people today as I found out, and I get it. I'm sure something right now like got damaged this guy. Again. I quit listen for a while last time showed up..

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