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Now at four minutes twenty three seconds Sam. Will you play Mustang? Already CAROM flirty Karen. That's my mom, Birdie, Kenzi, Florida, Karen Karen, says hey, nice basket ever since the whole chips incident, she's Smitten Yup so then Josh comes over, and gives Karen the company credit card because they have to work late and they're allowed to buy dinner, but he says. No more than twenty dollars a person this time this time twenty dollars a person. We shot this in two thousand six. Is there a meal out there that you order? That's more than twenty dollars per se. Maybe there's a reason, Stanford doesn't make it. I mean my gosh. I don't know. Maybe I just don't eat it very fancy places for my take out, but I feel like I would be it would. I would be challenged to order a meal for more than twenty dollars, a person in two thousand and six. Yeah, especially like late at night and Scranton. What are they getting? You know like Thai food. Exactly. This is not difficult Andy though bus out some yeager meister. He's got other plans. He's ready to party Ed. Helms's face when he holds up that yeager meister bottle and shot glasses is hull area. You, you get a window into. Andy was in college, and you're like Oh buddy well back in scranton. Things are getting exciting. 'cause everyone is showing up to dwell wally there arriving there. It's really really like bright and colorful, and there's music playing and Phyllis is like. Isn't it fun to take our shoes off and Angeles like? I wish not everyone took. They're shoes off, and Kevin's like stop it. I told you it was a condition. So you guys remember in grief counseling? We talked about a deleted scene that would have been in the episode where Angela and Kevin go off again about his sweaty feet. Yes, this is a callback to a deleted scene so if it's going to go unappreciated. UNAPPRECIATED by most viewers, but those hard viewers who watch those deleted scenes will know what this I feel like. Someone in the writer's room was really determined to make sure we had scenes about Kevin's feet I feel like it was a note card on the on the wall that said Kevin sweaty feet, and someone loved it and kept waiting to get in the episodes. Well this is Angeles worst nightmare. People taking off their shoes in Minas Kevin's sweaty fiend I. mean this is just not how she wants to be at a party. No, no, so now. The party is in full swing. Jenna, you know. What that sound means Angela do we get a lot of questions about different.

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