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That's eight seven seven twenty-six bible, eight seven seven twenty-six bible. The State Department says all US embassy staff have left Venezuela and officials are warning American citizens still in the country to get out. Now, here's ABC's counter Finnegan with more US citizens in Venezuela are strongly urged to leave with the State Department listing it as a level four do not travel country on par with Syria or North Korea. But commercial flights are starting to stop as blackouts and the threat of violence had Venezuela on edge special envoy, Elliot Abrams said in the event of a major threat. There will always plans to help people leave in a in a situation of danger. There are an estimated thirty thousand American citizens left, although exact numbers are difficult to track. Connor Finnegan ABC news the State Department a one time Canadian football star appeared briefly in court Friday in connection with the college admissions scam. Here's ABC's Aaron Katersky. David CDU, pleaded not guilty to charges that stemmed from the nationwide. College entry cheating. Damn the former CFL star is accused of paying two hundred thousand dollars to Rick singer, the counselor at the center of the scheme to arrange to have a Proctor take the SAT for his two sons in twenty eleven in two thousand twelve or recently court records quoted studio in singer joking by phone about getting one of his sons into business school. They don't have a twenty one hundred for the G mat? But I would do my best to get it for you singer said allegedly replied, I know Aaron Katersky, ABC news, New York..

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