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The afternoon and other courses such as white cliffs well they are not allowing golf carts out on the roads to for the second time this storm is impacting a vehicle with four wheels only this time at the club card well I would limit Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio all right Chris thank you rescue workers also busy in New Hampshire overnight as flash floods swept through a good portion of the White Mountains roads got washed out several inches of rain fell in just a few hours this very same system hitting at northern New Hampshire firefighters had to rescue people from the river broke RV and camping resort in Romney and a family also helped out of their home in heaven as a possible break in beaver dam because to an a and a beaver dam rather caused heavy flooding there not the only ones here in New England dealing with heavy rains these days we're talking about people along the Gulf coast of Louisiana is now starting to feel the effects of tropical storm Barry which is creeping in from the Gulf of Mexico it is expected to make landfall this weekend ABC's Jim Ryan is in New Orleans where the rain has become steadier and heavier even if it does not reach hurricane status very is expected to be the first big test of levee improvements made since two thousand five at governor John bel Edwards is feeling confident we believe New Orleans is ready the the levee system has never been better the investment the country made after Katrina has been unprecedented if the levees do hold the region's rivers and canals still might start to spill over the tops of those levees if the rain is heavy and consistent is worth watching generally in the B. C. news Jefferson parish Louisiana herds eleven oh wait let's check in on wallstreet this morning Tom Busby is watching the numbers and the business world he checks in from Bloomberg good morning Tom good morning Jeff and the numbers are good stocks on track to notch more record highs today that's on hopes that the fed will lower interest rates later this month right now the Dow up one hundred twenty one points the nasdaq up thirteen the S. and P. five hundred adding three over the past month Amazon has reportedly hired another five thousand workers at its warehouses they call them fulfillment centers gearing up for Amazon prime day sales they start Monday German automaker Daimler the maker of Mercedes Benz says profits will be a whole lot lower this year.

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