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We could all use a little bit of that. Thanks dan thank you so much. We have links to dan. Richards writing at brick steve's dot com slash radio whether you like to explore mountains and caves or you prefer. I roll along lake. I'll bet you'll enjoy the outdoors in slovenia find out. Why next on travel with rick. Steves if you remember yugoslavia. Today's small country of slovenia was the industrious northern part of that nation. It's about as big as new jersey but not as crowded and rubs up against the alps slavic world meets the latin and germanic sides era. So beanie offers visitors an eco-friendly by where even the polka get. Some modern twist the lakes and mountains and smaller cities have the have been a hit with travelers. who want something up to major. Tourist routes even has a small riviera-style coastline on the adriatic helping bike routes in the julian alps and one of the most impressive cape systems on the plant here to tell us about natural slovenia. Are the husband and wife tour. Guide team of sochaux ghulab antena. They're based in. The lake bled area near the border with austria italy. Sasha tina welcome. Thank you for having so a lot of people. Go to your corner of europe for the history and the art and the culture but there's so much in slovenia that is natural. The natural wonders talk a little bit about. What are the Attractions for visitors to your country. Tina well i would definitely say nature. It's one of the greenest countries of europe. We have over fifty eight percent of the country's still forest it and it's one of the most environmentally friendly countries It has the alps. It has the bit of the ad rieti. It has the very rich underground world with over ten thousand gifts and there's bees everywhere bees everywhere yes. The bees are probably enjoying the nature. Just like a of wien and beekeeping actually a big thing There's ninety thousand beekeepers in the country of two million people ninety thousand beekeepers. Yes and there's some culture there too because you've got his historic beehives. I've got one hanging on. My wall is historic heading which is like a folk legend on the front wall of the behind so sochaux as it traveler enjoying some little village or some high. Can you come upon a beekeeper's what could.

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