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Produced a catastrophic earthquake and life threatening tsunami here in western Washington nine by no it's a horrifying for me because I think people there's going to be a lot of people in need the constitution already allows the legislature emergency powers if we experience an enemy attack however those catastrophic incident that allow the government this kind of flexibility did it include natural disasters until now Robert is sell with the state military department explains what this new amendment would look like in practical means let's say we do have a major earthquake let's say the capitol campus is severely damaged let's say that a number of legislators are victims of the event what it does is it gives us the ability to reconstitute government let's say in eastern Washington this resolution was overwhelmingly approved by legislators this last session however not everyone was supportive so opponents say that this is vaguely worded and open to the possibility of the views of our what do you say to them and how do you respond I don't think it's very vaguely worded at all hi say we've cut the federal definition of a catastrophic event put it into law with some minor changes here's the legal language it reads in part catastrophic incident that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties damage or destruction severely affecting the population supporters of this new amendment say these emergency powers wouldn't be awarded to the government in the event of a smaller weather hazard like a localized flood or tornado the impact to life and property would have to be significant and wide spread in order for the government to operate in this way I'm meteorologist Abby economy companies your call will propel insurance money update lots of green arrow's right now on Wall Street will take a closer look at those numbers in just a moment first if you have an older model Samsung TV you might want to.

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