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The creature this week is ningyo. From Japanese folklore. Now, we all know mermaids and sirens. The ningyo are kind of like those, but they're The Little Mermaid was the size of an actual fish, had a tuft of scraggly hair on her head, webbed fingers, little sharp teeth, and, quote, mouth like a monkey, whatever that means, and golden scales. This thing is apparently irresistible though, with a hauntingly beautiful voice to match its haunting everything else. It apparently sounds like a flute or a skylark, and though it doesn't have words, is apparently inescapable. Like most fish, they don't like to be caught, so if you manage that, throw it back. Though, if your fish has scraggly hair and fingers, you probably shouldn't take that thing home anyway. They prefer to be in their complex societies under the sea. And are known for their healing abilities. If you somehow find yourself on their good side, they can give you immortality by eating just the smallest amount of their flesh. Don't worry, they can heal themselves, it's what they do. Drinking their fish blood will heal any illness, but if you try to take either of those things without them being offered, you'll be the victim of, quote, dire consequences. Probably a whole city of terrifying fish people coming after you, but who knows. In the years since, the creature has apparently gotten a makeover and transformed from a creepy little fish humanoid with sharp teeth to something resembling a mermaid. Though, it's only slightly less creepy, a picture I found and posted on the website has a creature with the body of a fish and the head of a woman. Yeah, just the head. And even that both has horns and fish eyes, looking off in two different directions. So yeah, only slightly less creepy. That's for this week, myths and legends is by Jason and Carissa wiser. The theme song is by broke for free, and the creature the week music is by Steve combs. There are links to more of the music we used in the show notes. Myths and legends is a registered trademark of bardic enterprises LLC. Thank you so much for listening and we'll see you next time. Peggy fulford was a business manager for some of the most high profile athletes in professional sports. Including former NBA star Dennis Rodman. To everyone who knew her, she was the picture of success. A strong, confident woman in a male dominated field. Very charming, very affable. She's very charismatic. She was funny. Peggy treated her clients like family. They gave her complete control of their finances, and she promised to help them build generational wealth. But underneath the trustworthy persona was an unquenchable thirst for money and fame. Seeing her just dripping in diamonds in the bentleys and the big House and it was immaculate. Peggy's clients trusted her completely. Deception was unimaginable, but Peggy was not who she said she was. Eggy, fulford, Peggy king, Peggy berard, Peggy Simpson. She's got like 6 or 7 aliases. It's hard to know what name to call her. From cast media, this is the opportunist season 5. Peggy fulford. Follow the opportunist wherever you get your podcasts.

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