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Been a critic of the less track previously as most people to be. But i'm not putting it down to the track it was. It was not what we needed. Given tomorrow's anything was quite embarrassing really into the despite some of them probably use those over the who unfortunately was just a. I don't know where it. Dan tournaments some people have said that they were trying to keep their average is down in case. There needs to be employed. Swear i don't think. I don't think that's true and i think one much is going to make that difference anyway although we couldn't afford to hire them again at i think that's true Don't think it was stopped the ride from trying anyway I just think we had a bad match. Just one of those horrible really them Yeah i mean chris. Harris came out with some with some credit he. He writes hard Giant shines come up with a lot of credit. He rice todd to Jack thomas real charlie harder Other than that wasn't great the thing you need to do less to usually the gate we weren't making the guys and even if we did by sort of just passed us as if we were still us saw comments actually on one of the one and get these joint Morrissey had a awful meet in. I don't imagine he would resign because he was awful. already commented. I can't remember who it was said. I wouldn't science. Nobody's name anywhere. Because that wouldn't be fair that i should do better. And he was too busy being arrogant. We've had shown the show up at my office where we the mutton unleashed arrogant personal. Melania he's he's not he's not arrogant nowhere against whatsoever even is even being dancer. The track an enclosed season and helped us work on the track. And here you know so That was unfair particularly given his meeting against Red cody was stunted. Yeah but also a people are hurting at the moment and would disappointed with the less to result I mean i went in and didn't expect to win. Burwood would wanted to put up a better show than twenty-seven points but you know everybody has a bad die in the office. And i think he just put it down to that. I hope so. Yeah we got any comments on silo to kneel whole john bird craig's me there in chat rooms fantastic should become shove support. So that's what we need right now but let's talk about move hobson versus baseball here very much. Three very very good much is now to mama grain in the last few weeks and obviously the abroad results will join Three points clear at the top of the table pace..

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