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School in virginia and Upon graduation she was she bugged the modernists she loved produced in virginia. Woolf and gertrude stein and a and when she graduated she returned to new york and found this kind of progressive school with modern views of childhood and particularly like Here's how here's why immigrant kids need this in the this would be. What kind of the thirties. New york so burgeoning immigrant population. And and you know lots of kind of progressive do-gooders trading ideas on what's the right or the educational theories and her mentor. This woman named lucy sprague. Mitchell really believed in this here and now stuff like in every respect like tear down the lower east side and build a and build the the the stuyvesant town and the school should end. The school should be full of things that are familiar so not not tear down the lord's son. No actually like the kids should learn in their you. The stories about people like them you know. Instead of what theory about the water cycle you know. Let them actually hold an eroded limestone rock or you know. Show them things and so. There's a lot of kind of hands on education. And proto montessori. Yeah exactly it's it seems. Kind of montessori ask and Margaret brown taught there and Got off to a really rocky start her classroom. Management was terrible. She was always getting her a like a pretty definitive biographer. For came out not too long ago and it's got all her teacher. Evaluations and i guess the kids are always running wild and the glue. Pots were spilling everywhere. She was drunk all the time. He was not drunk at the time but he didn't like children particularly like many great children's artists famously What maurice sendak roy. All these people. Who didn't edward gorey care for. Kids and edward gorey lease was honest and and killed them all but she did seem to understand kids. I should say. The montessori predates this maria montessori does yeah. I don't know i don't know how well known. The schools would have been in america though at the time italian. I have no idea when the first. Us montessori school probably came with italian immigration. I don't know like pizza. The yeah probably the same time. If you could only choose one what would you keep what.

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