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Route three sap on coming up to 1 28 in Burlington. That's eased out for us. Finally, Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three wonder if something is wrong, and we're overly excited to see some sunshine and we can see it, making its way towards the Boston area right now. The four day WBC. AKI Weather forecast here's meteorologist in DeVore, and so whether professional, there's nothing wrong with getting excited about sunshine, especially when we've been kind of mired under this influence of this coastal low forever and ever on, man, But it's finally you're right, lessening its grip. Brighter skies coming in that little burst of light snow that we had just similar to yesterday because of this kind of cyclonic turn. It happened again today and it's eased out. Maybe a few more flurries down on the cape in the coast. But everywhere should get more sunshine this afternoon. Briskin a seasonably chilly days We get up in the upper thirties to near 40. Tonight, we'll see clouds increase late temperatures clear at the start at least mid twenties in Boston teens in the suburbs. Thought of being clouding or quickly in the morning tomorrow, and I think if we get to mid day there's a mixture Rain, sleet and some snow probably goes over to rain at the coast fairly quickly out of our hair by the evening behind 42 wet, messy in the city, a little slippery north and west Saturday, brisk and colder with some sunshine, a high 37 then near 40 on Sunday. I think the city's dry we may get some ocean effect snow showers with that coastal Oh, passing by on the Cape and the islands. And there may be some interior New England Snow showers later Sunday, the Monday but I think in between we stay mainly dry here in Boston with the BBC's exclusive, accurate or I'm meteorologist in divorce clouds and 32 here in Boston. Good morning, 9 26 just ahead of Wall Street's opening Bell, and we look like he would to be headed in the right direction. Let's check in with WBC financial Editor Dave Caruso. How's it going this morning, Dave?.

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