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Resistant, depression, it is called spur. Vodka and contains a chemical cousin of the party drug known as ketamine and Columbia University psychiatry, professor doctor John man, says the new drug works. It's fast acting, but it does have side effects people use it have used ketamine and other forms, Patty drug. I'm so you feel a bit unreal. The world around you feel. It's a bit. Unreal. Things may seem a little distorted may become a little paranoid. It works by restoring brain cells in patients with depression. But because in high doses it can cause the same effects as the party drug ketamine. It cannot be self administered Johnson and Johnson says patients will take the drug only under supervision. The Oregon legislature has reached a settlement with nine women who say they were sexually harassed at the state capital investigation into sexual harassment of the Oregon state capital started. When state Senator Sarah Galster accused Senator Jeff crews of sexual misconduct. Crews resigned his seat Oregon bureau of labor and industries launched an investigation and found several women had been harassed by a variety of people at the capital. It was determined to be a hostile work environment. Nine women are part of the one point one billion dollar settlement. The legislature is now considering bills to correct the problem Bill would create an equity office that would handle the complaints and sexual harassment training for everyone working in the capital. Bradford ABC news, Portland. Oregon a workplace safety expert says there is no. No doubt that businesses need to make active shooter plans. Brian hammer chairs the American society of safety professionals technical report committee says people don't realize how fast the number of workplace shootings is growling according to FBI statistics from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen we've had a fifty percent increase over that time period. And more importantly, the number of deaths is actually three times the previous hot hammer says companies need to develop active shooter response plans by assessing their risks..

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