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Next category. The Jason Tatum school for rehabilitation. Like, I do I do like this. We we were talking about in the fears before this podcast started matter of fact, but quick recap and furious seven Jason Tatum as a villain. He kills one of the members of the fast and furious crew. He does he spends a whole rest of the trying to kill everybody on good ole Han, and then fate of the furious part eight by the end of the movie, he's not only part of the crew. But also like everybody loves him. And we're all friends part of the family can that happen with Chongli. Can he get along with with Frank deuce? Can he be rehabilitated? Now. One thing we didn't really get to the Monterey was his sort of long view reaction. There wasn't a dukes. You beat me fair and square kind of thing. There wasn't the Johnny Lawrence. You out. Parking lot wasn't like a post game ceremony. So we don't really know how reacts to absolutely could they could have gone and trained together could have been like a rocky creed them. They could have become the best of friends. He could have joined the army with with Frank dukes army with accent. And he'd be rebuilt. So I looked at this. And I tried to figure out a way, and I couldn't get there because like in today's movie universe. We can always have a team or even yesterday's movie universe. Like, you said, it could be an Apollo thing. Where all of a sudden those two guys become buddies and politics two Kelly to train him. So we can go be cluber line. Didn't see anything in this movie. And perhaps that was because of the lack of dialect. We already talked all of backstory of who he was the very very beginning. I believe is he South Korean look like he had a Korean flag on. Yeah. But so very that's like the only Baxter got he came from somewhere shows came from somewhere that he had to leave the day before he left. We knew we had to leave. Up. And then he's there to murder people. I couldn't get there especially because one we're when we're introduced to him as the primary villain for rage. Accent tells us a story about the previous Kuma matai where he kicked a guy in the throat and watched him die. And I was like that might be beyond rehabilitation. Okay. Okay. Let me let me ask you a question. Then if you kick a guy in the throat. What else are you going to do? Besides watch him die though, like water what he's not a doctor and was maybe. He can't help him. I don't know. What else you do after you kick a guy in the throat like that's what you're supposed to in the ER reboot. I want to. Yeah. Is that the so is at the moment of like the point of no return for you like there's nothing I can do I looked. So I think in every and all of these movies with the Johnny Lawrence example, that you were talking about there are moments where you go. I don't know. Maybe like there's a softer side, and he'd been with Allie and all this stuff. Like, there could be a part where you go. I could see some sort of redemption for him in some way, there's nothing in this movie that suggests that he's redeemable like if there was one moment that wasn't just him being a murderous killing karate machine fighting machine. I'd be like there's one moment. They're like where he said something or did something even gave a look, but even with this is is I say murder when I was doing other research stuff and trying to find old articles new articles old videos, new, videos, whatever I found the one where John Claude van Damme and Chongli meet up again like recently in the last three or four years or something like that there had arrest. Iran. I think it's a birthday party for John Claude van Damme and bolo young walks in. And he still looks exactly the same. I fall, but he even in the video when I saw him there was like visceral like oh shit there. It's about to go down right now that always still I was still afraid. I was I was expecting like blitz for two is about to happen. And they they made they made a few jokes or we're going gonna do buzzword to whatever..

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