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For small uh but mercy's these days i thank god that lindsey graham spoke the truth about that meeting willie but gone back to what makes an earlier this is a president who's completely ignorant of policy and so one second he has his reality tv show the the opening episode abc's into saying of trump did the rail the president saying yes he'll do a deal with anybody and then they have to go to implicate some bumbling fool mr president you don't want to do this and he goes no i don't want to do this chauncey gardner well here's how strong his conviction is an issue in that washington post pacers one line white house officials including stephen miller feared grab in durban would try to trick trump into signing a bill that was damaging to him would hurt political base grandpa the simpson so durban calls over says we're coming over he's grandpa stephen miller is lodged sharper than this john kelly word of this file martin and they say let's bring in the reinforcement skip mccarthy in here get bob goodlatte in here get tom cotton in here we've got to bolster support the present to remind him what we all believe and therefore what he believes that's not a president with conviction that the president who doesn't know what he believes in his turning to people around him i we're also say now if i'm a democrat on dacca on this whole bill this immigration bill it's pretty easy unless there's dako reform in there unless the deck kids day hundred thousand pete out there's no deal there is no immigration the out if you shut down the government it's on you by the way mike i'm going to take one step further in kentucky democrats here because we in tough through with republicans if you read democrat and you do anything to help this president who is sounded racist and republicans who've attacked german questioned his integrity questioned his honesty if you were a democrat and do anything to help the government.

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