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Bucket available now at all Kilburn stores. They don't exist yet. Well, he better start building some because that's where it's vailable. Be field in southern California that ten fourteen alliance alliance committed the twenty-six offset eye formation the nearside tied into the bar side. Here's the lions had such a great drag going fumbled the ball and a return to the fumble touchdown by three m at giving the LA of fourteen nothing lead lines. Look like they were their way to tying store. Here is toss for a first down to number eighty seven John gut hopper tight in the lions wealth third that inches. The ball around twenty nine yard is come on opposite. I formation to the far side, and they have a upset. I formation should save tied into that. There's battling his way to I down to the thirty seven yard line. And once again jacket is Jason joy gone junkies going in there as well as Shane book when opening up that whole by Kelvin rut, gut the live in the lives picked up the first down here for way. Like that's the first down up for the Lamm's thirty three yard line. Shipmates thirty seven thirty three years. Like trying to run left and he runs his own blockers. Can't wait cut it outside Joey horse, dick on the tackle. And again stuff for a negligible gain of maybe about a yard nets. It. It is a third down and eight to go. So the Milwaukee lions looked like they were to look like they were making the mega little bit of headway here. All of a sudden running game step light-touch again. Tackled here at the thirty five yard line. Fourth-down coming on a play is Isaac CEPA was your he's going to guys to handle their rut, gut and Isaac seven. You know, maybe block one guy at time not too. So it's a third down on eight and the lions get absolutely nowhere fast on that particular. Well, here they the with three white perceiver foresight to the nearside looking past the Pollock's almost picked up the forty five yard line as there in Florida on in that thrown into that zone was going for Devon hop it. But between Devon hop it. And the ball was feature Stevens and Terry Machiavellian sodas a fourth then and he's really comes in. To put the ball. And a problem on that drive is the one dimensional aspect of the Milwaukee laying offense again, go into that run run run run run pretty soon daring to throw the football and daring to throw the football. We're gonna have to start chances few. I don't know putt goes out of bounds. Twenty yard line pretty decent kicking. That's L LA gonna take and try to move the ball sorts. Good kick right at the twenty. You can hear the fans reaction the shut the ten live four down linemen the shotgun. There is one hundred who he throws the ball completes the fast in the thirty two yard line. And it's a first down and one dog. We're going to get blessed though, Ripa and both players heading down field as dog stops. And turns and ripples. Gotta do the same thing. But not done post. I them it's close to a first down. Okay. The ball at the twenty nine yard line. Second down in one split backs in the backfield Becca passes under who standing at the twenty four thrown over the middle completes the past the forty one yard one another I down, and I guess should I should say there is the first down for the early tan. West port Christon can make the tackle hunter who in Los Angeles Tandy sailing, smooth both offensively and defensively to come over the first down ten the forty yard line..

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