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Could pop You could put the ball on the floor a little bit and pass it. He's really a very nice player. I've been really impressed with J. Shaun Tait. I was not very familiar with them and watching their tapes. I've like what he's done, but clearly it's going to be some Young guys, and I'll tell you something else. Sean listening to DeMarcus cousins remarks yesterday and if I'm not mistaken, they were even before the trade. He was not a happy camper with the way James Harden had behaved his last couple days or basically this entire year season. In Houston. I'm expecting DaMarcus cousins to come with the supreme effort tonight. I'm looking for the big guy to really be good for Steven Silas. All right, let me tee up on the San Antonio Spurs. Yes, They're one in three at home, but P. J. They just want four of five on a lengthy road trip and senior good playing pretty well for Coach Popovich. Right now. They're playing extremely well. When you start a road trip, beating the Clippers and the Lakers back to back and staples that's about as good as it gets. And what I love is the combination. He's got some young guys that have really stepped up. Dijon to marry, of course, has been good, but he's playing it a better level right now. Kelvin Johnson and Lonnie Walker or people in our audience may not be familiar with and they are really playing. The veteran guys DEMAR DeRozan back. He's missed the last two games visiting his sick father in Los Angeles Spurs were playing very well right now. Strangely enough, it should reference have played better on the road than they have in San Antonio. And their next to here, including tonight are at home and against the same team. Both the Spurs and the Rockets will see each other twice in a row here. And this week. Kevin Guys, thank you very much coming up, tip off his inside 35 minutes, and now it again, It's something the end begins doing this year. Having these Suri's as the season has progressed, gonna play teams couple of back to back nights or a couple of nights in a few days. That just makes it a lot easier on scheduling. Not that's the NBA Countdown and James Harden on the move. He's in Brooklyn will harden Durant and Kyrie form the greatest trio a leg history. Explore that next to listening to the game. The game, not ESPN.

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