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Get Bart Scott and here with a lot of great Jet conversation. Sam Darnold Adam Gates, what's going on? But key there's a big story percolating around the New York Giants as well. And that is and Bart welcome back on Tiki Barber's radio show with Brandon Tierney yesterday, he essentially said quote, See Kwan Barclay might not be in every down back quote he cannot pass protect its becoming glaring. It's going to be a liability recognition is one and two. You got to go hit a dude say Quan Barclay is a big man who doesn't want to hit anybody. It's frustrating toe watch. He's a great back, but he's frustrating to watch trying to pass protect. I will say equal time. It is a political season. Of course, part that sake, Juan fired back by calling me Shawn. Excuse me, but you will kiss you and you are a legend. He fired back calling. Tiki quote a legend, so he tried to temperate down camp down, move the temperature down in the room, and he also said he was going to use Tiki's comments as a challenge. So he's taking the high road rarely seen in America today, but say Ko UN is actually doing that. But what do you think? I mean, I've been kind of speaking to this the last couple of years. You know, I mean, I was talked about Saco has got to be willing to get to dirty yards. You talk about the system that he's in where we're seeing the sick, Yo, Eliot, you'll get too dirty yards and every once in a while, you know football is about physicality is about sticking my foot in the ground and running somebody over every once in a while. You just go back to win Jamal when they played the Jets last year, and Jamal ran storm took the ball from Danny dives and scored. You know, And you know if you've ever stood next, Teo say, Quan Barclay, you realize and, you know, they say Quan Barclays bigger than Jamal Adams. And you've got all these thunder thighs. You know, I'm saying you gotta you gotta be out of thinking hunker down and we had to deliver a blow. You know, baby, listen bit been et a on a third down back and being and pass protection is about want to write about closer distance. And sometimes take wine doesn't look like he wants to close the distance or he's doing it. But he's not doing it trying to deliver something he's trying to absorb. And to be a great back. You watch what you say Whatever you want about Lady Ahn Bell, Frank Gore. You know, you want to see somebody step up in there, deliver blows of people. Then you look at you look at Lady on his commitment to making sure to his quarterback stays up right And that's something in evolution. We all got holes in our games. When we come here and very few of us don't and you had. This is something that's a Kwan has to willingly do and he has willingly put them Shoulders Square and run it by somebody I'm looking on, You know, looking at to show looking at the highlights. Look at look at those shoulders. Those shoulders trying to circle the defense every once a While, That ain't no. Five yards out. There is two but those two words said in a statement. And when you got to get that that label kind of being soft on being the guy that wants to bounce like Reggie Bush used to do then the guys play a certain way. They say, You know, we're going to plan we go make him circle because we know he going to the perimeter and went to smoke in the middle. Your bored. Look, I try to be objective as much as possible and use obviously great linebacker when you played at Baltimore as well as the Jets when you look at a guy like, say, corn, Barclay Against Pittsburgh. He was hit in the backfield 11 times on 15 carries He couldn't even get out of this stance. Got it? When you talk about past pro, Do you think Based on the way that they did things that pan state He wasn't in a lot of past Pro protection's at Penn State. They kind of took him out of that. When he threw the ball they threw. He caught the ball well out of the backfield. That's why it's a pretty good receiver. Is it the Giants job as a coaching staff to teach him? How to do the past pro? Well, they had to teach dead teach. Tiki had hold onto the football right. That's part of being a professional, right. So we all got holes in our games, all things that we come from different programs that we were asked to do, and that we're not actually talking, react to his offensive line to kind of learn how to do certain things. When the Andes open up spread offenses. We act these quarterbacks alone how to get under center, right? They don't do that a lot. So like who's sake? Want barking to say that he shouldn't have to adjust and add something to his game when he gets to the pros? We all do, as the game continues to evolve and certain things that if he can't do that, then you have to say Is he a liability? Because what the team's going to do especially team like Pittsburgh. Okay, you got one of two choices. You can release a quant Barclay. Let him be the hot route. Maybe what happens when those linebackers start filling the only outside or they're going to try overload blazing, make you use him in protection He's gonna have to. He's gonna have the dope man almost said the end of the old inward. Oh, good. He's gonna happen. He's gonna have the buckle down. So to speak. You get into your football mold. I see you. You know, sometimes you gotta short somebody next. You can't You can't get all the glory of stuff. You don't play no more. Relax. Relax me. Got all that blood flowing to the brain right now, bro in New York. If you gotta hang in hearing you better be a tough guy. Well, that's lt status right there, man. You were talking about the legendary Lawrence Taylor may be the greatest player in giants. Absolutely. Listen you you get clown if you gotta number hanging from your air dangling, you know, I'm saying, But if you're a tough guy, get away with you can't be soft with it. Old number 56 was causing some have cardboard linebacker. Yeah, already put on the microphone today. I could hear him right from his house in the town of passion, but thank you so much, man. I'm going back to sleep. Go back to sea. By the way. Last thing I would say if, say Kwan's worried about this. He clearly isn't remember what happened The last time Tiki Barber criticize Eli Manning. Remember what theywant to see Laura? Yeah, I think that's what happened. So we have is New York, New York? I get it. Okay, you big time back, and we don't want you to come off the field on third down because you are successful in the passing game. But he has to learn past past pro is extremely important Pass protection short for protection. I always When I talk about pass protection, I always go to the late Lawrence Phillips when he played In San Francisco, and I remember that hit on Steve Young when he missed a bit the blitz pickup in God, Steve Concussed. I remember that, like it was yesterday, and I always talk about that. It's important and very vital for running backs to be able to pick that up for those that don't remember Lawrence Phillips, late, Great running back at the University of Nebraska had a ton of personal problems in his life. He's no longer with us. But hey, was said to be a high level NFL prospect. And I do remember that hit you're talking about with our colleague. Steve.

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