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2010 is the score now point after pending now they're going to point after so now 21, 10 chief lead over the Raiders. This Dr 75 yards and seven plays the key play a 37 yard Tyree kill catch to the Las Vegas nine yard line. They took a look at it. You see, this, too, was on the line, but the call was upheld. So the Chiefs had the ball first and goal at the Raiders nine yard line and a couple of plays later, Sammy walk installs in eight yard. Catch to give the chief a 21 to 10 lead. This comes after the Raiders quick strike Following a Tyree killed 10 yard touchdown. The Raiders come back with a driving in a 59 yard Derek Carr touchdown pass the white receiver Nelson. Jaguar, and that's what made the score 14 10. But as I mentioned that she's come back with a 75 yard scoring drive to add a Sammy Watkins touchdown to make 21 10 Patrick Mahomes, 9 to 13 158 yards and a touchdown in this game, he also ran for a touchdown. Their car Six of aid for 135 yard touchdown and threw an interception that led to a chief in that Tyree kill touchdown. 21 10 Chiefs lead nine minutes left here in the second quarter. Boy, it just It just looks like they are unstoppable Right now. The way Mahomes has been thrown and moving the chief down feel whatever they've been doing. The Raiders have had no offense or no answer for so far. Let's said that Jeff's L in Atlanta, the windless Falcons taking on the Panthers, who have just scored again, Here's Jeff Well rich. It's 13 to 7 Panthers over the Falcon to NF minutes left in the first half. Carolina had a third of four from their own 43 Teddy Bridge were completes What looked like an innocuous screen pass to deejay more about five yards down the field, but he ran it all the way down the sidelines for a 57 yard touchdown on Carolina's four possessions that got a touchdown. I've got down to the Atlanta 21 twice and inside to the Atlanta 48 1. So four out of four inside Atlanta territory, Teddy Bridgewater 14 of 19 191 yards that one touchdown Robbie Anderson. Then also has four catches. 56 yards. Curtis Angle five catches for 36 yards of Mike Davis, seven carries for 41 yards for the Falcons. Matt Ryan, nine of 13 68 yards. A big play for the Falcons so far type girlies 35 yard touchdown run, but the biggest bad play for the Sox when they were driving that Ryan goes back to pass he gets sacked. By Brian Burns fumbles Falcons do recover. But who's the 21? Yard boss is also Russell gauge missing a wide open 25 yard pass from Ryan Once again, 2.5 minutes left off with the ball on their own 25 trailing the Panthers. 13 to 7. Alright, Thank you very much. Jeff Zel in Atlanta where Teddy Bridgewater has looked very sharp today, the Cardinal's Chandler Jones heading to the locker room with an undisclosed injury. Deante Jack's Johnson out for Pittsburgh right now, with a back injury. His return is questionable and lots going on there. So let's go to Jeff Hawthorne right now in Heinz Field. And I'll add to the injury report. Pro Bowl guard David Castro is out for this game with an abdominal injury. They're going to rookie Kevin Dotson at guard. So injuries for the Steelers. They have the football at the 40 yard line in a 14 14 game. No. Carson went had five yards passing before the last drive. But it 45 yards Old Dominion's Travis Fulghum alone as mild Sanders. Captain with his second touchdown of the game, this one far less exciting. A one yard touchdown run this after standards have gone 74 yards. Sanders grew up in Pittsburgh and back at Heinz Field and putting on a show for the Eagles Steelers he'd buy their rookie receiver Chase Clay plot of Notre Dame, a two yard touchdown run. And also a 32 yard touchdown reception from Ben Roethlisberger. 5 44 to play here in the first half of Steelers 14 Eagles 14 Alright, so good one so far for the battle of Pennsylvania between the unbeaten stealers and the NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles. Let's go Adam Spillane right now in Houston, the Texans with a new coach this week and right now in front of the Jaguars, here's Adam. And rich. We have 43 seconds left to play in the first half. Texans are leading the JAG 10 7, and we are in a time out right now, when we come back, the Jags will have third and goal from the Texans three gardener mention, really, starting to put on a show these 14 of 19 In this game, he started to afore the two incompletions that really have three incompletions on this driving completed 10 straight passes. I had to throw the ball away because detectives have actually been able to get some pressure on him a cz the JAG across midfield on this possession, but he's been a terrific especially on third down. The Jags have converted six straight third down, including four on their previous touchdown drive, which ended when mince you found killing Cole for a 13 yard touchdown. That also came on third down, the Texans were able to answer for quick place Shawn Watson to Darren Fells 44 yards of busted coverage and felt able to take it the distance. That's his second catch of the day for 57 Yards watching has been good 11 of 14 for 150 yards. Detectives defense again, They just cannot get off the field as the JAG are threatening here. We will have it third and goal from about the 3.5 yards like Texans are leading this game 10 to 7 as they try to get their first win of the season. All right, the Jets also looking for their first win. The Good news is there on the board. Bad news is they could've gotten Mohr and they do still trail the Cardinal's Let's get more from Mike Mancuso. By which they may be trailing by additional points as we speak as Kyle of Murray takes the ball and goes.

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