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A sharp it together had usual for kind of its tenderness which we haven't heard much from kendrick lamar um his last record uh spent the butterfly was super dense super cerebral had a ton to say but these records on this new kindred album kind of uh show us aside we haven't seen so much which is the kind of romantic side maybe it's a little more intimate i mean what i find remarkable is his gift for for words in the way he stacks all of these images on top of each other let's talk about a couple of the debut albums major ten list this year won his by ellie senior songwriter ethan greece sca i yeah announced that right you referred to him in in a profile you did is is la's next great singer songwriter what do you think makes him so special who even used to be in the band called the bell brigade that people might know about if they follow sort of la in iraq um but unclear solo record called slow motion ari he right with a at eye for detail and ann arbor storytelling that reminds me of randy newman the uh harry nilsson some of the great kind of la bob once they eccentrics but something slightly off kilter you can write a lot about um family and he writes a lot about his childhood mojo lose i am memory some family mom and dad was soundly give those couple year stories his jabal warmth and in intimacy but i still really dealing in 2017 you know the record is so introspective it's so inwardlooking that in some years it may have seemed culpa possessed of may have seen a little coy stirred but this year i found the record kind of a sanctuary was like a retreat from everything in the news there was just such something so warm and then fell up being about the record uh that he put across in the in the words and also in the melody's which is just a great melody writer lots of record is arranged for solo piano thirty minimal very strippeddown down but in fellow ping in a way that you don't hear that often the one country albums major your top list.

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