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Pest control for free inspection eight eight eight eight eight eight home or visit home paramount dot com Jack Taylor WTOP traffic and out of storm team four meteorologist Lauren rickets well we've got some clouds we got some sun really depending on what you where you are is a depending on what you're looking at but we're going to stay mostly dry today after about seven eight o'clock we're gonna have some scattered showers and thunderstorms north of I. sixty six so mainly through Maryland in the northern portion of Virginia but a lot of us are going to stage right overnight but until then we're heating up low to mid nineties today and the humidity comes back in as well a little breezy at times just through the mid morning and into the afternoon as well we've had a ninety degree day since early October of last year now we get into the overnight as I said a few scattered showers mainly DC in North could have a few lingering ones tomorrow morning by tomorrow afternoon more scattered showers and thunderstorms and some of those could be strong especially given the heat tomorrow back into the upper eighties to low nineties and again will be humid here Thursday hi humid conditions presents for Friday and Saturday will have some sunshine in the morning scattered showers and thunderstorms possibly Friday and Saturday afternoon temperatures will be in the mid to upper eighties heating amenity finally drop on Sunday what more sunshine temperatures around eighty now temperatures right now seventy degrees in Washington that's the cool spot and that was at seventy three Leesburg now up to seventy nine degrees in Frederick seventy seven okay Lawrence seven fifty one now CBS news special report an eight PM curfew didn't keep protesters from being out around in New York City the included doctors and nurses treating covert nineteen patient how racism affects our patients and their health and their lives just like others but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful CBS's David Begnaud caught up with one group headed to trump tower there marching through the town everybody is behind the line and the organizers were strict let me tell you in fact at one point they were chanting we will not agitate the police because we want to get home safe no one advocated anyone really and the police let them all in the street so to speak president trump has said that the whole world is laughing it states where protests have turned into riots pope Francis isn't laughing it all righty.

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