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The on live you do steve definitely true mine is probably the scariest ahha i have a very overboard mind's eye creepy my full board horrific everything i know about you right now is the most i ever want to know about your the last minute for who use the malls i wanna know volunteer on oh my god large june shaming now on lowered i gotta go actually no i've got a lot to tell you steve marlee needs to talk about in dili dili oh i don't really understand dili dili apparently everyone is saying i'm dealing all right people say no to thanksgiving where i was young women accompanying your delivered a yellow lori will talk about that coming up nice loriann julia you can exercise like ruth feeder ginsberg with the arab e key workup reserve her her exercise trainer has come out with a bogey came out last month don't see exercise books for people who are passed a certain age i mean that may wanna get into exercise unwanted react long lane well as jack little boulware is he laurie i don't know dan and there's not exercised up for old people out there why don't you just say this is a great idea and if you're a political person and you like ruth bader ginsburg doesn't like why not get your loved one the are bj work out it's up up against uh uh just be a v eight a fifth with laurie and.

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