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The FISA process this secret court which must be used for foreigners to Spahn foreigners is never used again on a political campaign I don't care if you think the Democrats are into who with the Russians are Ukrainians go to a real judge it with an adviser process where everybody gets a lawyer you can do it in private that judges can meet in private let's go to a real federal court not a secret court there is a rubber stamp it took five to two years after Devin newness telling them what was going on they would never admit it they finally have admitted it and the person that they they have appointed to investigate themselves is an apologist for the FISA court it's not some it will really try very hard so I don't think files of course your secret courts should ever be used to investigate a political campaign of any party each is there an appetite among fellow senators to get red I mean it the FISA I think part of it comes up for renewal in another month from now is there an appetite there to do as I've written columns it's time to get rid of the FISA court yeah I'm with you I've talked to the president a lot about this I think the president's definitely for reforms my dear as well come up is some fake reforms so they'll go part way but they won't fix the whole thing and then you have to read the small print because sometimes things look like reform appear in in the small print they can make it worse or the status quo lives on the bottom line is a lot of people who used to support the FISA court have now see now it's been abused and my point is this I don't really care so much there are not constitutional rights if you live in Libya for us to drop on your phone conversation I'm fine with that but the thing is if you are an American talking to someone overseas if you're American it gets caught up in these vast databases we should let someone like Peter Strock type your name man because you happen to be a Republican or a trump supporter type your name in and research your background a listener conversations you should always have to get a warrant from a real court a public article three court if you want to do anything about searching Americans records and none of the stuff that's obtained through this surveillance courts which do not adhere to a constitutional standard should ever be used against American in any court and so that those are things that are reforms that we really could have and whether we get rid of the FISA court or not you know I'd be for it I don't know if they're the votes for it but at the very least Americans should be protected and nothing that is gathered without a real war from a real court should ever be used against an American all right senator rand Paul of Kentucky thank you very much for stepping outside the Senate chamber to talk with us per share to thanks all right we're gonna pause take a quick break we'll be right back we'll have more of your telephone calls coming up on the Sean Hannity show I'm Gregg Jarrett alert from the a troubled teen traffic.

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