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League at bat against sherzer against her first hall of famer. He hit a grand slam. Incredible like by the way that pitch is down and then out of the ninety six. What was the i think. He had two strikes on him he had to whatever it was a guy had never hit a home run in major league baseball at any level for on shockingly and then he does hit in major league baseball in. This was his second big league at bat in the minors he was hitting like one seventy so in the minors. He had made contact once or twice. This was the most unexpected result. No whatever happens to this guy in the rest of his life he will always be able to say he hit a grand slam off shirt ser. And it's the first grand slam. Shirts has ever allowed to a pitcher. Not just that. The first hole run he's ever allowed to pick. This is the best. Does that why we should not have universal h. I also think it was worth it. Just for the video of his brother reacting proud bro. So good also. If that footage doesn't turn out it's on tv too so you'll be able to get that Yeah you know with this situation. It's more like when your concert phones up. It's like this and you're gonna want that angle anyway. The crowd i was there angle to return to the actual premise of this question though throwing roses this man on no. He's not the new ninety. Most talented player ever see. No not yet not not yet not ever. We do love how established someone is the best. So me me am. I the next pablo tori. Who's to say dream bigger katie dream bigger..

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