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I think there's a world in which we see more effort from Levine because he may be, I don't know if inspired is the right word. But this is by far the best team he's ever played on. The green, watching him at the Olympics. He looked a lot more engaged offensively and was much better. So I like what they did. I understand. The team building aspect and not trying to put a ceiling on yourself. But in the NBA, for a market like Chicago that logo has so much power and it's just faded away in the background for the last since the peak of Derrick Rose. It was time to make a move and to just be relevant again. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But I think the time was now. It had just been it's just been too long since anybody's really cared about the Chicago Bulls. Yeah, totally agree. And then the Lonzo sign in trade, I think was really, really smart as well. Those are the two big moves and the two big swings they made. The Lonzo Ball and pairing it particularly with Alex Caruso because the thing that the demar Derozan and Zach lavine perimeter core doesn't have necessarily is a high level plus defender. Because even if we think Levine is going to be improved defensively, he's still probably not going to be much better than average to slightly above average. And I think that might even be a stretch. It would take an improvement for him to get to slightly above average for sure. But going out and getting Lonzo Ball, who's a really, really high level off ball playmaker defensively and going to get Alex Caruso who I thought had a genuine case to make the all defense team last year in Los Angeles. Those two guys fit really, really well with Zach lavine and demar Derozan as backcourt partners. I would think that you get a lot of three man lineups with that four player group that make a lot of sense and really, really work. I would imagine they're gonna start all of Lonzo, Zach lavine and demar Derozan, but Alex Caruso works with any of those guys on the court and should be a very high level complimentary piece for this group. No, I agree with everything you said. I like the balance. I like even the subtleness of adding a Caruso who, I mean, obviously, people know who he is, he played with the Lakers and his meme moment and all that stuff. But to your average casual basketball fan it's a subtle move, but it's a good move. It feels a void for Chicago, like you said, he can play with any of those guys. He adds a I mean, he's a top tier. He's a top notch defender. And that was something that was missing something they needed. Obviously, they're not going to be this super deep team. But having loading up on guards and being able to stagger, I think is going to kind of disguise that a little bit. Again, I just like what they did. I'm more so than anything. I'm interested in figuring out what it looks like and just monitoring that team for a whole year because I think it could be fun..

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