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White house sixteen tweets mainly a mixture of johnson threats including raising the prospect of nuclear war a shot at north korea's on the predictable figure and language that many people voted seemed better suited for the playground for the presidency tweeted cheap north korea's kim jongun on the ssa met the monopoly of but not his desk is much bigger more powerful is works is this kind of a crazy game were plan you know he didn't trump needs to be medicated of hospitalized oh he is going to just kill all of us this is language that would have been reject from the script doctrine this is pressing united states doing a measuring contest about nuclear weapons we can't begin to normalize this this dangerous this childish is special it's not befitting a leader of the free world i think we can apply in test 1060 trace today the tests will be his for the leader of this little leader germany china or brazil what we say how we cover these tweets he would say these are the messages from a person who is not well from a leader who is not fit for office the i've asked judge twitter spokesman does this violate terms of service making this kind of threat toward north korea has so far no media comment from the company still waiting to hear think they're trying to decide if this kind of tweet referring to a nuclear button that he knows how to use and it works whether they're actually is a violation of the terms of service because it may threaten violence do and the womb now this is not the first time that we have seen the only thing the media likes his appeasement they're not going to be happy with president trump for saying we're not going to take your threats itally and we're not going to stand by and let you threaten the united states of america now they prefer some when reagan said the evil empire oh that caused eyes going to start world war three everybody predicted at the time while he ended the cold war and we didn't fire a shot and he brought the former soviet union to its knees because they couldn't keep up and build guns and butter at the same time and so it worked the same thing you know we begin bombing in 10 minutes 0 that's scary.

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