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New commissioner of the department of elections Governor Glenn youngkin appointed Susan beals to replace Chris piper but that move is drawing some early criticism from Democrats Beals is the former legislative assistant to Republican state senator Amanda chase whom critics say as a proponent of what former Trump former president Trump calls the big lie about the 2020 presidential election She is also worked on the campaign of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie who ran for governor in 2017 Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly are working on legislation that would give the state board of elections the authority to appoint the elections commissioner If that passes the board would consider whether to keep deals or hire someone new next session Well this is the time of year when the Army Corps of engineers switches its disinfectant in the Washington aqueduct And so depending on where you live you may notice a difference in your tap water What you may notice if you live in the district Arlington county or a northeastern fairfax county which I'll get their water from the Washington aqueduct is a slight chlorine smell or taste to your tap water Arlington officials offer these tips to resolve that during this temporary water pipe cleaning starting with just running the cold water tap for about two minutes before using You can also use a water filter or just let the water sit in a container for an hour or two to let the chlorine taste and smell dissipate Although the taste may change a bit we're told the water is essentially unchanged thanks to the purification process sandy cosell WTO news The Space Force is taking a new approach to military fitness physical fitness tests are a classic staple in the military however the Space Force says next year will do away with the exams Instead the service will rely on constant biometric monitoring of guardians to ensure they stay ready The Space Force says it will use a holistic and data driven approach so service members are physically and mentally fit unlike the other services the Space Force is focused more on digital applications and troops most likely will not be in physical combat situations Scott marioni federal news network Money news at 25.

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