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All good day. Small sooskee camping. Cala talking, baby. Hold on. I'm talking not you love baseball. Hot dogs have a fight. I I love baseball. I love baseball so much. I have devoted my career to baseball hot dogs after you can't have loose fingers. Around the fireworks. But when you're the fireworks guy, the major league ballpark you just can't you shouldn't have a loose finger. Any time you're around fireworks, or you might have, like a really loose finger. Go back to that day that pulls made the decision to leave ST Louis and go to the angels and say, Okay, you're gonna go and you're going to get a butt load of money together and call you right back. I can't tell you how much I love baseball makes sense to me. He's Oh, yes, are Small expert. Our baseball insider. Matt Polly joins us getting ready for the Brewers and the Diamondbacks starting a little over an hour from now. First pitch First things first met. I understand you watched This amazing trailer for Nicolas Cage's newest movie. How would you Preview. How would you encapsulate the preview? That is Pig. I don't think it was real. Exactly. It's almost as if it's a Saturday, April Saturday night live spoof. Yeah, like, I don't know. That's my and all Greg sent me the trailer. I didn't do any research. Beyond that. My question is, Is this real? Or is this Nicholas Cage kind of making fun of himself? I'm.

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