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Days. The feedback has been coming in a lot of five star reviews. We're very thankful for those We we we love our listeners But I read them. I read. I read the reviews. I read what people have to say. I think that's one thing that I strive to have with this. PODCAST is like a a relationship Asian ship with the fans. It's not just US talking and it's not a one way street we don't put stuff out and not have here what they say back. That's why we did fan service Friday a disaster which was an absolutely. He's astor. We'll probably the jury trusted YouTube And with that I want to say like we. We get a lot of feedback. Defense seemed to really like what we do here but the one complaint they always have is that we talk about our Alma maters. There's too much We talked about how North Carolina way too much Get to some other teams. There's other stuff going on in the country and I think I was thinking about it. Sunday night It just kind of popped in my head as planning for the show today and I was like I think we should give the fans what they want and not talk about Ohio State or North Carolina. Let's do it. I think I think that's right. They want yeah time we pass and I think This just it all makes sense. It's all kinda coming together that this would be a great week to not talk about them at all. I don't I don't know why the timing just seems so fitting does it didn't rolls off the tongue when you say we shouldn't talk about those guys because why they're not drumming up headlines sound like one of those teams teams lost their best player of the year. Yeah exactly dwayne Washington. Junior was out people wanted to you know get on me like what the hell happened to Ohio state. It's like we didn't have our best guard. What did you expect guy to say okay? We're going to talk about it. Do you WANNA go. I know you go first. Okay what the fuck is with guys named car with guys. NAME NAME CER car up thirty five on Ohio state the last guy who scored thirty points on Ohio State Attorney. Tony Karp Penn State. I'm out on cars state. I'm so ellen cars. I walked here. I walked to the studio. I'm like I'm never getting back and getting in a car. Yes I'm I'm I'm absolutely done with Cars Ohio. I called on on this podcast. I said it was a trap game against Minnesota. 'cause they were looking they have southeast Missouri Tonight And they were looking ahead to that game against Southeast Missouri and Minnesota Trap Game and it proved to be true it it was truly a trap. Yeah I think they did look at the roster and realize that a guy was named Marcus car on their team and then I realized so when I saw Marcus Card said myself Oh man and that must be Tony cars right right. He loves Ohio State. The car families accelerate. There's GonNa be a big night for Ohio states coming into cars like yeah. Yeah yeah it was going crazy and then I looked it up and I'm like no wait a second. His blows dewayne notice. And if you remember delay notice he is of course a part of the South Carolina final four eighteen with soil. Pj Does your all those guys. Did he play because her house they haven't he's like so. There is no redemption here but I will say is like the way notice. I love that twenty seventeen South Carolina. Fourteen don't feel like they get enough credit for what they did also. PJ Dosier was the first guy to wear thirty five after durant Leff o'casey but nobody seems to give me credit for that serious thornwell. He played on the clippers before they became really good. They really let him work thirty five when they're slight to him that was like that's and all the pictures it was like. But I just WanNa wear did what I did I when I would tell state Our thirty four year after tearing styles was big ten player of the year and the more thirty four. There's a lot of thirty four dollars in the crowd. Came into the freshman boom. Look at all the people where my Damn People Love My Jersey Oklahoma thirty thirty five. How about that? Yeah I you know I'm not I'm not worried about this. I'm not worried we're worried we're degree it's it's not not a big deal. It's college basketball. Was the last time we spoke on the air. You were saying Ohio State was going into the trap game but you still feel like they would be the number one team or walking talking to the best of the weekend when we both know that they are by far team in the CBS sports. Okay so I'll say this dwayne Washington Junior. I'm not. I'm not trying to take away from Minnesota's win but Dwayne washing junior play. He's our best guard. He's our best score on the perimeter. The Guy that killed if you've listened to any commentary. I've had on college basketball the entire time. I've been doing this professionally. You know how much guards who can create their own offense matter to me. I'm not alone in this. This is a you know anybody who watches college. Basketball's like that's how you win games guard you can grade their own offense So yeah it would ask ball fans we call that Kimball Walker exactly it would have been helpful to have a guy who can create his own offense out there for state. I'm that's all I'm saying. The Guy who torched North Carolina that would have been helpful to have him. We didn't have him. Kayla Western was in foul trouble. All game okay. Because I have no idea how to officiate him The rest were bad. Both ways if you say both ways that doesn't sound like you're complaining fat. You sound like better better but yeah fit like Caleb is now. It's not absorbing as much as getting the 'cause they were bad both ways and I say that solely so no one accusing me of being a homer but No that I really. This has become a problem with Kale. They have no idea how to officiate him. He fouls a lot and they don't call it and then like he gets called for ticky tack stuff because he just kind of like big lean certain in ways on guys and I have no idea what to do and they're like three of his fouls I think we're offensive fouls and all bad calls but then you also I will concede that he's also so hacking the shit out of guys on the defensive end so I don't know it's just it's just a bizarre thing and then he's out for the most of the game. It's all right we're fine we're fine we got Kentucky refine the interesting thing about the big ten. Is that the only eighteen. That's WANNA know in. The whole conference is Michigan State Everyone else wanted one everyone else's five hundred and then the only team that has only got a record of own one is northwestern Western and guess college played each other. The chance of Chris Collins ago so deep in the hole is open to everyone else above him as one and one that more than Michigan against sits atop so let's get from Michigan State argument with him being still the class of the big ten. Maybe that's why you're worried. This'll be big Chris Collins to pull this off though he may be done coming offer the NCAA tournament appearance last year. It was last year. I know he feels like it was last three years three years later. Chris you you may be. Oh and Tom. Congratulations Minnesota on winning the National Championship By beating how stay pretty good won the netball. We're still number one in the net. That's all that matters Can we talk about about your team and get that out of the way so that we can move onto. The game actually met her I it's over right It's over North Carolina Lost Wofford and Carmichael arena. I what is the first regular season as a home game since nineteen sixty eight and nineteen eighty-six. Same Dan the last time selects if there was a man by the name Kitty Smith who was the starting point guard in that game and he went on to become a two time. NBA Winning Point Guard with the Houston Rockets. However many years later K J Smith transferred from Pacific? Great Kid love him. He was the starting point guard in this game. Everyone seemed to be very excited about that. My first thought was way what it and Wofford has Carolina's number. I don't know what kind of curse Jerry Richardson pulled. When he left the panthers with Wofford north? I don't know what happened but all I know Wofford has it Fletcher Electra. Magoo was there last year. Remember him now they got this new guy storm like who the hell is store Murphy. Storms coming in. He's just hitting shots all over the place. They're chatting nate. The Great in Carmichael terrarium. Embarrassing Wofford is now two and one in the racist sixty nine one sixty two sixty four as Carolina can't even score sixty nine points. That's embarrassing there. I just wanted to bring up Carolina not relevant. I think we're going to cross Carolina. Fried like there were done with Carolina for the season but but but but I wanNA talk about the Carolina. I'm not done until mid Kronen says. This is a signature win for this program when he beads K.. J. Smith in north with Carolina on Saturday. We'll stop talking about him. We got away from it. Kuneva's signature win the last time. North Carolina lost four games in a row. They've lost three in a row right now unless four or five canal tomorrow beat Oregon. How the hell do they order the best team in the PAC twelve but again we're going to get to the twelve update later? I'll save that for How well how? The hell debuted Orient but They have zag tomorrow. Paul resume builder. It's Atkins Diet tomorrow. Yes of course. So they lose that four zero the first the last time we lost four rows February of two thousand ten sounds about right yeah This is when when's the last time. They scored like eight points points. Even seventy five points got into work. Is this the worst. It is this the worst Carolina team ever seen. No this is twenty ten no worse than the this is not whereas in two thousand two at all. This is not even close but not yet that was like looking like how did we take Adam. Boone Jason Williams Bill gutters chopping ice. And he's like I don't know I like the kid but that was a tough time but I would say in this iteration Roy Williams. He said that he doesn't know what to do. He's like at the end of the road. I'm tired I'm more worried that this year is going to kill Roy. Williams not like literally killing made. Kim WanNa Stop Coaching. Because Dean Smith always said Roy Gregoire instead of this at the live show like he thought he left too soon. We probably should have safer ninety seven ninety eight so roy. Roy doesn't WANNA leave too soon. But this team may make him in the area to Roy's credit. He has not had the vertigo yet. He's not he's not a Roy goes down. I won't say a word Coach Williams. You're doing your best. I mean he should've called a time out when storm and the boys are making a run. I understand that but like in his money's like we got the under twelve off timeout coming up. That would be crazy to call time out. We're going to need some of these time outs later in the game so we saves it they still go on this run and the game. We still have no time. Nobody has any idea. You're talking about because no one. Actually Gotcha okay. Well I think America's to Murphy's Parents Watch that game. I wonder if they're listening right now. Like you had talked about that sixteen hour. I WANNA speak for America. I'd say that we are at the point with Carolina where we don't actually watch the Games we just we see that you're playing we don't watch a second of it. We check back in two hours later and cross our fingers that you lost then we can all laugh as having the champs. Anthony is out WHA- four to six weeks or six weeks with with an injured draft stock is surgery. GotTa get knee surgery. A lot of people are saying why would he agree to get surgery. You know at this point when that just mean he'd be out for two weeks by coney any dislike weight into those people I say we just lost a waffle. Okay Co Anthony every right to get a knee surgery. Whatever he needs to get healthy six weeks is not that bad? If you look at the time line though I have a feeling they beat. Ucla has a signature win. Gets things back going. They own the PAC twelve. I have a feeling in four to six weeks. We're going to hear about coal Anthony's Rehab. It's taken a little longer than we thought. He's had a few complications Here's the here's the things that mattered in North Carolina Season Clemson in Chapel Hill Guy and that's during the coaling..

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