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Partner, and I love his ex fiancee. I didn't know that was one did you know that executive producer? Chris ex fiance. Also our words to say we're living together out of wedlock. And you know, I'll bend down together out of wedlock looked at me puzzled. But I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll just respond to that. Look look of puzzlement. Bewilderment? Most people if you're doing it the other say the proper way you're not living together getting married. I don't give them the goods. If you're not compatible than and don't get married, you know, so anyways. Cheer law partner and ex-fiancee own this house, and then they owe twenty six thousand seven hundred dollars for a northeast Dallas home that they co owned. Isn't it must be nice? Screw you. I am paying you screw you. They owe money on. Like the state taxes, the Dallas county taxes. Parkland district school Equalization Fund scrawl. Yeah. I wish I could see me I wouldn't do it. But I want to make a flipping you off thing. Screw you. Screw you parkland. I'm a democrat. That's the route wealthy people in Preston hollow to pay for not me. But I bet you she loves the glory of being a shoe rides that like, a whatever you call it. A kite. A scooter, right? Her title the glory comes with it. But she just won't pay the taxes. Good democrat here in a written statement. She said she'd not been notified of the law. She's being sued you being sued by our by our state government, despite my best efforts to make my payments. I take responsibility for falling behind. Yeah. Like, you're DWI crashing into a tree that jumped I've met it's been a financial struggle. She says. I'm expect expediting the process to put the house back on the market and working on settling past due balance as soon as possible. Yeah. She moved out in two thousand fifteen and four years. She's a fricking off four years ago. She moved out. What a bomb? I don't let this craft. I don't. This is nuts. Like, I would never do this as a citizen. I mean, not even I I was in the media s crazy people have. So amazingly arrogant, she's a rising star. This is literally from the Dallas Morning News. She's a rising star in the democrat party.

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