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Yeah you are looking live at hollywood park casino where there are several hundred people in the middle of the day playing blackjack and poker. I'm feeling very much at home. I'm loving it and by the way. The crowd here is going absolutely out of their minds. Let's hear you everybody z. Tell you they're losing their minds here. Throw them panties on the stage. It's an unbelievable situation. Travis rodgers yes. Let's turn that microphone on. its on. let's say. I just can't hear you how you doing man. I am doing fantastic. I am ready to go. I really have just come to talk about burritos and hotdogs in pizzas and things like that so whenever we can get into that you let me know and you'll have my full attention the rest of it. I could kind of take it or leave it kind of thing. You know everybody at this radio station. And i've been here a year now. How long have you been at seven ten almost seven years okay. And everybody's like anything. There has to do with food. You have to run it through travelers. He the only guy in america that likes food. Well i think the reason is far more obvious than that. I think everybody in the building has seen me. It's not so much that. I am an expert. But i've just i've done the research i've gone through and i've sampled all of these different things so when it comes time to talk about those terrible things. They're calling dodger dogs at dodger stadium on the go to guy got. It is what i'm saying to you. Scott this whenever we talk about dodger dogs or food. I always tell you. It's not true until you've talked to travis about it. And he gives you his opinion. I know battery opinion. That irradiates the hell out. I'm like let me have my opinion. Do wrong the problem wreck right. Travis's pinions on food are correct. See i'm that guy like thanksgiving and says you know. Let me tell you what your problem is. Hattie dinner started the right way. You what your problems are now. It's time we're not gonna leave that on there any longer right expert that off. Why i'm really glad to work with you dude. I was saying before we came on the air and greg. Although you're gone for a while too you know on week let me tell you something in the last two to three weeks i've worked with every producer producer. Lenzi laura producer. Greg jesse the body. I worked with every producer. We have at seven ten then in the last couple of weeks i've worked with clinton yates. Who's a very handsome man. If you don't know that he'll tell you know he will heed host drip drive right. I mean you're not gonna have a guy that hosts dripped either doesn't look right. Apparently not pretty easy. Yeah so clinton's apparently bringing all of his handsomeness here today which is going to be great. Worked clinton ramona demarco kirk and today. Finally line travis rodgers..

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