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Walk. Sure. We'll tell you the truth, Fozzie. It was Richie, who figured it out. A little happy days there And, of course for that warm and fuzzy Here is a little Archie Bunker. I'm Christmas from all in the family. But while we're on the subject of looks Gonna play Sandy course. No, Santa Claus was white. And so is his period. Told you Sit down. I'll grant her. That's ridiculous. I'd look silly with a white beard. Who said Santa Claus was white. Come on. Now. I have two same argument with you about Jesus. Go over old ground again with the fact is changes his white. So a Santa Claus. Yeah. Yeah, well, let me tell you something bucking when I was a kid on Christmas He the guy that used to fill my stocking was black. I don't know if you could. Could you actually do that episode today? You probably know probably no, probably not classic. All the family Christmas. We've got some more contemporary stuff will play for you right after Look at whether traffic in sports what we got going on today. They've definitely Christmas like weather wise, Dave. Mostly cloudy. Some snow flurries here in there. Hi of only 18 gusty winds About 30 miles an hour could see some couple inches of snow in northwest Indiana and even more when you get into southwest Michigan. Mostly cloudy overnight alot of 12 above for Christmas Day, mostly sunny but cold Once again Hi of only 22. We have 15 above windchill now of one below. On the day they announced their schedule. The Blackhawks also announced an injury forward. Alex Knee Lander sideline 4 to 6 months after surgery this week for a Tauron meniscus in his left knee. Team says he initially.

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