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On size kick that never happens in never happened and the shore and the christian mccaffrey can't hold onto the ball and you know that they're driving in for a tying score and then allison fumbled the ball in it's over so was mistakes that not green bay and chris and chris it's a ball he would have been throwing two davante adams except davante adams wasn't there 'cause he'd been concussed by a former walter payton award winner naved thomas davis who who who it was a classic a classic targeting from college football a helmet hit on a defenceless player from from the blind side that that that knocks davante adams after the game and by the way although shots of of of davis looking remorseful on on the solid shut up you know exactly what you did and it required some thought to do it oh without a doubt and you know i guess he says he adds immediate regret you know that signals and the right hand where it's oh i exactly i agree with you but this is the product guys of not throwing the book at people in the past and you talk of a big game you know you say as illegal this is what i can accept this and we care about head injuries and all this other stuff and then and then y'all guy can sit there and go well you know maybe i'll get a game maybe i'll get nothing so i think that's a big part of it in its troublesome it's it's it's terribly troublesome but yet it happens week after week we've talked about a four or five times since i've been on with you guys i do think this also i think we need to say cam newton you know he was love and that's right because it's his opportunity to come up against aaron rodgers aaron rogers this 34 kinney draw upon the past brilliance no sometimes it was there but generally know wasn't quite ready as we said he shouldn't comeback done shut them down but cam newton this is his league this is his time you know he has the four touchdowns he has no interceptions obviously roger says the 3 interceptions it was really classic kind of passing the torch and some thing here rogers has done chris i'll say this i actually.

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