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Let's see cory seager uturn by chase rice yossi el puig went with wild horse there's a shock chris taylor went with copperhead road by rural yes monte grandma went with legend chase utley casimir by led zeppelin jock peterson that girl by justin timberlake kyle farmer welcome to the farm very cute by luke bryan good job there alex would can't stop by the red hot chili peppers let's see kenley jansen california love let me see who else alex for dugo creepy crush kush should say clayton kershaw we are young l clayton with to we are young by fine and also let you go by the chain smokers in this is the one though it is door you justin turner you are undoubtedly one of my favorites but when they were telling you pick a walkup song were you with your wife were you trying to show your softer side is this the kinder gentler justin turner he went with the shape of you by ed sheeran i mean not that that's not a great song it's got a lot of sex appeal and whatever but but it's you're supposed to be your walkup song it's supposed to be what what represents you in what you know kind of gets you fired up in what looks a little intimidating to the other team shape of you whatever may come back it's our business buzz again it's cnbc's guy odometer today we're gonna talk tariffs in data breaches on two more stores right now let's check your traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center robbins taking a look now.

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