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To residents of the Del Rio sector. That's another part of Texas, whose homes and ranches are being overrun by gangs and smugglers as foxes, David spun America is listening to Fox News 93 wi PC Mobile news on the level on the go. It's been a point of contention were under a mostly clear sky 63 degrees in downtown Indy. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 602. Some school districts in Indiana are considering teaching critical race theory. Indiana's attorney general Todd Ricketts, would like to put a stop to that. On Wednesday, he released what he calls the parents Bill of Rights. First installment of at least three we're gonna This is not where it ends. This is where it begins after we get through this curriculum, Mr. Tells 93 Wi VCs hammer Nigel that one of those rights that parents have is the right and expectation to question and review the curriculum taught in Children's schools. By questioning local school board and school administrators. You can see the full list of rights at W I b c dot com You might remember that there was a shooting at the Marion County Fair last year, so there will be extra security at the fair when it starts tomorrow, anyway. 17 or younger has to be accompanied by an adult with one adult only able to chaperone up to three people. The statewide average for gas today 3 11 a gallon, according to gas buddy that's up 10 cents from where it was on Monday. It's 3, 13, Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and Greenwood. Flooding at a nursing home in Bloomington last week forced more than 100 residents to be evacuated and they have since been safely relocated. It happened at the Garden villa in Bloomington. Those residents were moved to the Garden Villa location in Bedford. The evacuation took about seven hours, and there were no injuries. Some of the products and the international Sweets and Snacks Expo at the Indiana Convention Center are from Indiana and others come from around the world. Chris Davis reports. Jealous Candies are from England. Hayley is from Oxford. But now lives in California is fully plant based. Synthetic flavors or ingredients. No palm oil gelatin free, really great products and do you eat them? I do. Yeah, because of Covid restrictions. The Candies made it over, but.

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