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My talking head. After this, we'll be right back. Welcome back. You talk and talk talking heads mytalk and head. Adamant. I are here with the legendary. Some we you hear people. Called the Fifth Beatle. The. You're like the third beetle, which is incredible. Yes that's right. How many Fifth Beatles were there was Pete Best. There was Brian Epstein there was. Who Played a keyboard billy, Preston Billy. Preston. So many fifth. Beatles. But we're talking to one of the original four. Beatles here George Martin? Yes. Is George George Martin certainly considered was there anyone else you considered to be a fourth beetle or a fifth beatle now? I think I think We'll maybe Joe Johns wife but Oh. Yeah. You're. Really break up your band. Well I do well I. Think John became. Pretty. Infatuated and certainly distracted. Yeah. Boy Always GonNa ban so good it's almost worth it right. Sure about that but. I mean, after all I'M NOT GONNA I'M JOE NOT. Sure. But it allowed me to go out and play with Clapton and Delaney and you know that was really really food at. All those great. I mean those you know all those things and you know as well as gave me time to get more involved in my meditation and Hari Krishna Movement and. Just. Very important. What you know. You know the the John and George. John Paul was his name everyone everyone else had become sort of. You know when these kind of saw what they thought was Maharishi behaving badly they had just. Throw. Their. Hands the whole thing. But I still saw some value and they never totally got it anyway. No. You, had to have a quieter sold to be able to do. So we're talking of course about. Jerry's whole career with talking heads and beforehand and everything but the focus of this episode is stop making sense which When we asked you which album you'd like to cover. We heard stop making sense is is Pretty much what you want to talk about why is that? Partially because you just unfair of music, I think chosen that first but. I think that start making sense for many people. Is was. Sometimes their introduction talking heads it was mine mine mine as well. The people who were maybe a little younger or just had not. Penetrated and because it was a film. We actually succeeded in doing something that I was really trying wanted us to do with this film which was. Not replace but be an alternative to the rocky horror. Picture show. I wanted to be the mood of the film that. A theater could play every Saturday night. And people could come. and. So one of the things was so essential was not to have any talking in it. I have a jussie music. I heard you talking yeah. I heard you talking about that on the the DVD of stop making sense. But you didn't mention like which films did that a lot is that. which previous rock documentaries had a lot of talking over him that you can remember? Well, the one that really drove me crazy was the film about Jimi Hendrix where they would go into A. You know some of the other songs recorded at Monterey pop that's not featured in Monterey pop, which, of course, only wild thing. and. Then, they would cut back to people who had known Jimmy in high school. And I'm going. who gives a shit scare slightly interesting but like you just kind of short jumped as he was going to the best part of the Sola here's a here's a guy doing something. No one else in the world can do and let's talk to one of his buds. And and you see it in all this all of the documentary films that. They never let the songs. Play all the way through. Iowa I always feel that way about biographies of of people as well. Like We're usually reading a biography of someone because they've done extraordinary things Brian. When they start off with five chapters about their dumb life growing up time like who can. Get to the talking about when you were like doing these incredible things that I, the reason I bought it. So so you guys just wanted to do a movie that was just pure music that house right and. We we had a very visual show. And So we wanted to really just capture what we were doing. Jonathan thought that was a great idea this giant Danny, the Lane Jonathan. Yes and he Brought in a fabulous director of photography Jordan Krona. Worth. And he just enhanced what was already going on on stage every night. So this was the speaking in tongues tour that well, we had already done a tour for speaking in tongues. So this was a second tour designed with this. Kind of we ideas that we'd explored on the remain in light, and then particularly in the speaking in tongues tour. Of starting with a strip down psycho killer and people joining the joining the band in the remain in light tour, we did a few songs as a four piece and then people care about four we didn't, but we took it. One step further with David. Doing the first song and then Tina joining him and then Chris than me. So anyway, it was a concern. Anyway, it was a conceptual piece and. We just thought it. would be an amazing tour and it turned out to be just an amazing tour and so Jonathan saw it and he goes I wanNA film this and so we really did it. At the end of the American tour, we only did two more shows after that. And a festival in new? Zealand. Festival in Australia. Wow. So that was that was right at the end. That's crazy. Yes. So we wait was four nights at the pantages theater in Hollywood by the way where I saw Shrek the musical. I see and I saw the producers. Nice I always am I was so surprised to. It wasn't until recently that I. Found that the pantages I always figured it was this enormous place not like appendages tiny but. I've been there many times. It doesn't it in the movie it feels like. A Real I just always pictured at a giant arena or huge huge place, and it's it's actually a probably a great place for for filming. Control it. The sound was good as well, and we could control it add. We filmed it over four nights. The first night was a rehearsal where people were wandering around. You Know Candle. But like kind of checking out camera angles, you know how director to go with looking through a lands and loop. Yeah and then they set up a track because it was filmed in thirty five millimeter of for like a pan of cameras to roll down and they had to take the seats out. So one night they. Stage left one night they did the center one night they did stage right and. So, when we? Went into the editing process, the first thing was to do was to pick which performance was the best performance. Came they most of them were the final night. and. By there are a couple of times where we edited or chose another one. We did do a few repairs when there was terrible leakage on apart or something like that. So some of the vocals were redone where there was you didn't have enough definition. was there ever? An issue with the timing being different between night tonight or where you all in a click track or We were not on a click track Chris listen to click to start the song actually go back and watch it. You'll see with great detail you'll start to go like other things going on Thursday. You'll know it's a shot from another night. Would you charge full price for the shows even though it was it was a shorter show than you normally did I I had heard that you cut out songs in order to sort of make it a little more movie length, and then you have all these special lights and stuff like that or were was this your normal L. A. Tour Stop? We already played in La. This was very much. This is gonNA. Be a filming. You have to sign something that you're coming in here. I can recall whether we charge our weather. We used some sort of. Primitive fan club. We ever really had a fan much. We're tickets back then weren't they like eighteen dollars. They were they were. Extremely reasonable deal I was watching the movie last night and so much of it is. And I had forgotten this. So so many times the camera is focused on the crew bringing on. In the middle of a song, which which is, just you know the opposite of what you would think you would do in Iraq movie you would disguise all that stuff and yet they're the first four or five songs you're just. Taking a break during these incredible musical performance to watch essentially guys pushing something out on stage, which is it actually draws you even further in, but it's the opposite of what you think would happen when you when I saw the where you ever saying like Jonathan, why are you focusing on this so much? No because that was part and parcel of the show. The idea that nothing was really hidden. It was very visible. I think also one of the reasons that stomaching centers films had such lasting power is that it?.

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