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Building in South Florida that the governor warned was tottering and faced a heightened risk of failure in an approaching storm with search and rescue efforts on hold Miami Dade Mayor Daniel Levine car by explaining why she changed her mind and is moving forward with the demolition of the remaining portion of Champlain Towers south, still standing, stressing her team got a second opinion. We had not heard from this particular demolition experts. This expert has the experience to move very quickly. That resource was brought to us. It was not known at the time the focus now I'm bringing down the dangerous structure as soon as possible. Reporter Christian Delarosa with ABC affiliate WPLG and Surfside. Tropical storm Elsa has weakened but still powerful. The storm is slicing a path between Haiti and Jamaica, with maximum sustained winds of 65 miles an hour and being blamed for three deaths in the Caribbean as it heads towards Florida. A little less than a third of adults say they haven't gotten Makovich shot and definitely or probably will not get one. The partisan divide in the ABC News Washington Post survey is sharp. A large majority of the vaccine, hesitant group, say U. S officials are exaggerating the risk of the Delta variant. That majority includes Republicans, conservatives, evangelical White Protestants and people in rural areas. 62% approve of President Biden's handling of the pandemic. Overall job approval is 50% approval on handling crime and Immigration sharply lower NBC's chuck secrets and businesses around the world rush Saturday to contain a ransomware attack that has paralyzed their computer networks possibly linked to Russian hackers. A president Biden commented. First of all, we're not sure who it is for.

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