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Insufficient evidence now to conclude whether it emerged from human contact with an infected animal animal, or perhaps from a laboratory accident. Also a town hall dot com. Senator Bernie Sanders says he's dropping his bid to block the sale of arms to Israel. Bob Agnew has more Sanders had last week he would seek to force a vote on his amendment to block a plant arms sale to Israel Even is it defends itself against the barrage of rockets fired by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. His effort appeared doomed from the outset, meeting with opposition not only from Republicans but many in his own party. Sanders represents a wing of the Democrats siding with a Hamas terrorist group against Israel. But President Biden last week restated his own support for the Jewish state, along with support from his Democrat party. But Magna reporting heavy winds and a high tide are lashing parts of India's eastern coast that says a cyclone is moving ashore more than 1.1 million people. Been evacuated. Wall Street stocks mixed Now the Dow is down 15 points, but the NASDAQ is 79 points higher. Maura at town hall dot com. Now, the O'Reilly update brings you something you might not know. On this day in 19 Oh, seven. Ah boy named Marien, Robert Morrison. Was born in Madison County, Iowa. He would go on to star in 150 films and many TV programs even has an airport named after him in Orange County, California. We know him as John Wayne. The Morrison family did small town life for Southern California in 1916. The boy would often attend class with his Scottish terrier named Duke. That nickname stuck with him throughout high school. Young Marien attended the University of Southern California studying free law. His good looks earned him some small parts on silent film, which eventually led Larger roles in talkies. As his career took off the actor struggle to find the perfect stage name. First he went by Duke Marcin, then Anthony Wayne. But studio executives complained Anthony sounded to Italian. Yikes. So he dropped Tony for John John Wayne. His career, which spanned half a century. Today, the Hollywood icons Cancer Foundation trains 150 doctors every year educates 400,000 Children on the dangers of skin cancer. And his finance 35 years of medical research. John Wayne died from cancer in 1979 at the age of 72. His last movie was the Shootist brilliant film. During his life. The actor earned a congressional gold medal presidential Medal of Freedom and won an Academy Award for his performance is Rooster Cogburn in the Western True grit. He is regarded as one of the most charismatic performers. In film history. And here's something else you might not know. John Wayne's presidential medal was awarded to the actor after his death by Democrat Jimmy Carter. Performer attended Carter's 1977 inaugural ball as a guest of honor. When asked why the staunch conservative John Wayne would attend the event, the Duke said it was his duty as a quote. Member of the loyal.

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