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Here he is to times we will champion Kyle van on. Okay. We now. Welcome on Super Bowl champion two times. We will champion coming off his second Super Bowl. It is Carl van noy. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me. This is sick. I watch a hours though. Thank you. Thank you. I actually my first question was just the lions to the patriots. That was the whole question. I repeat what my my friend says. So I don't get in trouble. My friend says he's a you went from like the late bowl to the super is your friend also named Calvin noy. Is that this is? Yes. Yeah. I that was caving MRs Calvin, I got like double persona. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. Yeah. No. I do wanna get to the difference between the two we will do that. But let's talk about the Super Bowl. I because it's still fresh. You're only a couple of weeks off of it the story coming out of the Super Bowl was that the Rams base didn't change anything. Did you see that on the field like you at any point during the Super Bowl? Like, yo are they just going to keep running the same shit. We've watched a million times in film. Yeah. I couldn't believe that either. Like, they really didn't do not one wrinkle. I was like what the hell they got. So many good players. They got so many things they've done all year. Yeah. And the one play they gave us which was a Ranko was the be cook screen that hit for a little bit. And now is at everything else was maybe may go with no wrinkle. In your own head or maybe two we were playing so good. They were like shit. We don't know what to do. Right. Right. I mean that was it felt watching the patriots defense Super Bowl. You guys felt I felt like you guys almost knew what was happening before it even happened. Yeah. We pride ourselves on watching Hella film. That's for sure. Yeah. I mean, that's what we that coaches set us up for success and players do as well. We got good players. I say we got elite football players. You don't got any pre Madonna's stars or anything, which is nice. Yeah. Not have to deal with any of that. She's not even Brady you wouldn't you wouldn't consider Brady pre Madonna with his his his workout plan and all that stuff. No with with his ice-cream, supermodel wife like he is funny because Brady should be a prima Donna he's been so successful. Yeah. He has all the stuff that goes along with being a pre Madonna, but it seems like when it comes down to actually working he's hardest worker. I respect that. He he doesn't. I mean, obviously, he's still a quarterback at the end of the day. So he's got his little kinks rankles. He he does. But they're not. They're not crazy. You know what? I mean. They're not outlandish things. He's not undermining anyone he's not being. I'm a superstar look at me like he's he's respectful any works hard. And that's why we love him. That's why he's our QB by. He does it the right way. Spellcheck yell at him like yellow. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. To be honest because it sets the table like, okay? Doesn't matter who you are. Everyone's got even playing field like this. How it is here at work like you come in. And you. Earn everything and I respect that. Because I felt like that gave me a chance to get on the field when I came in mid-year during the year, and he was I it doesn't matter who you are what you've done like, you earn your keep as long as you love me. I think that's an Sinclar. Don't check alleged. Yeah. He's got funny jokes. Does. He really does. Tell me a joke. Bill chick said. I'll I could. I think his jokes are him. Just like making fun of people like Bill one impact. Funny, one is when I won't say names or whatever because I I don't wanna get into that. But he makes fun of it was one time this player fumbled. And he was like, you know, you're fucking tiny hands. Can't hang on the ball..

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